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Scribble in HD with Scribblenauts Unlimited

You’ve scribbled before. Probably on a notepad, or in a bathroom stall (we’ve already told your teacher. You should be ashamed…) If you were lucky enough to have a gaming device, you might’ve scribbled some amazing things while playing the Scribblenauts series!

Well rejoice! If you are even MORE lucky and find yourself with a Wii U at your disposal later this year, than you can scribble your fingers dead with Scribblenauts Unlimited!

Helping Maxwell on his quest, players use their imaginations and dream powers to summon objects and weapons into the world to defeat enemies and solve puzzles. The newest installment of the game has a side-scrolling open world, and totally new HD drawings.

Not only that, but Zelda and Mario characters and objects are lending a helping hand as well. Goomba + Like Like RomCom anyone? No? Ok…

The game comes out on November 18th! Check it out!

Club Nintendo Rewards

Are you a Club Nintendo member? If you are, you should know that all North American players have had their yearly point count reset as of the 30th June. A year has passed and if you’ve been buying the games and registering your points- then hopefully you’re in line for some very nice prizes from the guys at Nintendo HQ.

Platinum members with 600 coins or more have a choice of two prizes. The first being a set of three posters based on three of the top-selling Nintendo games. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Kid Icarus: Uprising or the soon-t0-be-released Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon.

Do you not have any spare wall space, or posters really not your kind of thing? Well, then you can choose the Mario-themed playing cards instead. The cards are silver and gold with Mario being the King and of course, Princess Peach being the Queen. You really can’t expect anything less. I personally like the look of the cards, as it’s unique Nintendo-themed merchandise that you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else.

If you don’t appear to have enough coins for either of these amazing prizes, you may qualify for a Gold prize which is the calendar again this year. And who doesn’t love a free one of those? At least you won’t have to put up with a calendar you can’t bare to look at! If that still doesn’t float your boat, then there’s always the chance of a free download to either your Nintendo Wii or 3DS. (Sadly, no DS or DSi consoles are available for a freebie.)

Emails have supposedly already been seen in NA gamers email inboxes- so keep your eyes peeled to see what you could be entitled to!

Wii U: The Nintendo Fangirl’s Opinion

So. E3 is over and all the stalls, vendors, dude-bros and booth babes are heading home for another year. As we said on the current podcast (Yes! I was on the GKick podcast, no word of a lie!) it was a very underwhelming and bland E3. There were almost no console news to be had other than another glimpse of the Nintendo Wii U. (No Steve, please don’t make the joke about the British police car again…lol).

Anyway. (puts on sensible, editorial head). The Wii U.

I, am one of the biggest Nintendo fangirls you will ever meet. I have owned almost every single Nintendo Game Boy/SP/DS/DSi/3DS console every made, but never any of the tv connecting consoles. The reason for this is that I was forced to play on a Sega Mega Drive (Genesis in the US/Japan) for my 11th Christmas. I wanted a NES. I think that my parents must have gotten their wires crossed, and I can remember my brother and I ripping off the wrapping paper with glee- only to be greeted by a giant blue hedgehog on the front of the box. I can remember the look of expectant joy on my parents faces. But we looked at each other with puzzled looks, and I threw an almighty tantrum while my 7  year-old brother cried.

We wanted Mario and Duck Hunt. Well, I wanted Mario. And my brother just wanted to shoot the ducks with a gun. (Certainly not a surprise that his favourite game is Call of Duty these days.) Instead, we had to make do with Sonic The Damned Hedgehog. (Dear Readers: I still play Sonic, purely for nostalgic reasons.) So, Sonic 2 came with the machine and I never remember having anything else to play. Or if we did, I never played. I bought Sonic and Knuckles too, I was obsessed with Sonic. Not with Sega. Or the Mega Drive system.

The Christmas or two beforehand, I had recieved a Nintendo Game Boy for my gift. I had begged and pleaded with my parents for months on end to buy it for me. There was no Duck Hunt, but there was Mario! And Kirby! And Tetris! Actually, I got the pack that came with Tetris. I would take my Game Boy to school with me, sit behind the wall on the playground and be absorbed in the world of Super Mario World for ‘playtime’. Other kids would play netball, or catch, or skipping, or kiss chase. Me? Oh no no no. Far too much energy. It was Nintendo or nothing for me. The problem is, the word got back to the head of the school and he conviscated my console until the end of the day. Then when I went to retrieve it, I was told never to bring it back because it was ‘for my own good that I got some exercise.’ Well, pffft. Exercise, schmexcersise.

I enjoyed being the weird kid at school, always with my head buried in my Game Boy or in some kind of a book. I didn’t like sport and I didn’t like socialising really. Unless it was to trade stickers for my Mario sticker book or to go up to the village to buy sweets. I would try to involve my friends in my little world of Nintendo, but people didn’t really give a crap. Sure, they had consoles. One of my friends actually had a Game Boy too and we would exchange games from time to time, but I could never get into an excitable conversation with her. My other friend had a Sega Master System, and she would challenge me to Alex Kidd competitions. Split screen afternoon fun.

It wasn’t until my male cousins got a Playstation 1 when I was about 13 that I really started to find people to discuss gaming with. But then, all they wanted to do was discuss the size of Lara Croft’s boobs or answer the question of why Crash Bandicoot was orange. I didn’t really want to talk Playstation, I wanted to discuss Nintendo but it was nice to have someone I could actually play games with instead of being questioned why I was playing games in the first place and not off gossiping about boy bands or make up. I wasn’t a typical girly girl and I didn’t want to talk about girl stuff. I wanted to talk games and gaming. My aunt would try to do girl stuff with me, but I wasn’t interested in any of it all. My parents became unsettled in case I wanted to become a raging lesbian or join the circus or something. (Not that there is honestly anything wrong with that- I’m bisexual.)

I was called all the names under the sun by my peers at my new secondary school, I didn’t fit in because all I wanted to do was play games. I began to draw Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario on my school books. I became very good at drawing them. They became almost my logo. If someone saw a book with my drawings on the front of it, they automatically knew they were mine. I was proud of who I was. The boys were threatened and pissed off at the fact that I could easily beat them at Street Fighter II while playing Chun Li. The girls hated it because they were crap at games and I tried to teach them, but they never wanted to learn.

I dealt with this for the next ten years. Fast forward about ten years. I was having a really hard time, suffering from post-natal depression after having my daughter. I’d got nothing to play other than my husband’s Xbox. Which I wasn’t allowed to touch. I wanted a Nintendo DS so badly, I had seen a special edition one I had my eye on. It was black underneath with a red lid. Black and red are my favourite colours. So again, I begged and begged and begged for it. My 24th birthday came around and my husband put the rest of the money towards it. As I walked out of Target clutching my shiny new purchase, I thought I was the bees knees to have a DS. Mind you, I did have a GB Advance SP at home as well as a GB Micro. (I still miss my tiny little Micro.) But the problem with those was that they only played Advance and below games. I had the have a NDS to play the new games. And I played that machine until it came time to move on. I got divorced. I lost everything. That means my entire Nintendo collection. All my GameBoy stuff, my NDS stuff…everything. I was saddened and trailed off back home to the UK with my suitcase and lost dreams in my back pocket.

E3: What Happened to Zelda?

Out of all the news I’ve posted about Nintendo console releases recently (Final Fantasy, Mario, Luigi)- for me there was two glaring omissions. No Pokemon and Zelda. I mean, come on. How can you NOT mention these two stalwart champions of the Nintendo platform? Pokemon aside, what happened to Zelda?

I mean, I know we’re not due another Zelda game on the 3DS console for a while as we’ve got really enough to be going on with. But with the Wii U coming out, you really would have thought that Zelda would have been up there with Mario at the top of the pile for a chance to be played. When I personally think of Nintendo games that need to be launched with consoles, I think Mario and Zelda, Pokemon and Metroid, Donkey Kong and Bomberman, Kirby and Phantasy Star. You get the drift. I know that the Wii U didn’t make the massive splash that it was hoping with it’s next-gen console, but when you think of Nintendo- you can’t ignore Shigeru Miyamoto who’s also known as that bloke who created Mario and Zelda.

So what does he have to say about the absence of Zelda at this year’s E3? Oh he was there, in his usual flamboyant way with his hilarious t-shirts. I mean, to me that man is as much of a legend as say Chris Metzen from Blizzard. Shigeru was there to tout his other big franchise creation though, Pikmin. Pikmin 3 is one of the titles being released as a new release for the Wii U, HD graphics and all. So why all this work on a non-Zelda game? Surely there has to be some kind of a reason? According to Shigeru, Pikmin 3 is being released for the Wii U instead of the Wii because of the processing power. It’s a lot more graphically intense and it runs far better on the new console. It’s been in development for about two years and it’s finally ready for a beta testing. Zelda on the other hand, is sadly not.

Last year’s E3 saw demos of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and most people were utterly blown away by the quality of the graphics on the new next-gen HD Wii U. But according to Shigeru, it’s still not ready for prime time. They want a multiplayer version of Zelda, which to me sounds pretty damned cool. Here’s what Shigeru Miyamoto said:

“But one thing that’s interesting is we’re seeing how the way that tastes are broadening in video games and you have some people who prefer more casual experiences, and you have some people who prefer sort of those more in-depth experiences. Obviously, as a company that’s been making games for a very long time, we tend to be more on the deeper, longer game side of things. But really what we continue to ask ourselves as we have over the years is, “What is the most important element of Zelda if we were to try to make a Zelda game that a lot of people can play?” So we have a number of different experiments going on, and [when] we decide that we’ve found the right one of those to really help bring Zelda to a very big audience, then we’ll be happy to announce it.”

With the Wii release of the last LoZ game, Skyward Sword; it was like a typical Zelda game with the controller becoming your weapons and it pretty much turned the player into Zelda incarnate. But players are said to have become bored with the game about half way through when they just decided to stop playing. It also had logistical issues for those players that were unable to swing a weapon. So the motion-controller idea of Zelda is being kept on a back shelf by Miyamoto and is hoping to improve and enhance it for the Wii U game.