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Lord of The Rings Ships As Demo Copy?

ETA: It turns out that it was a labeling error. Oops. Read the full press release below:

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is recalling a small number of LEGO The Lord of the Rings video games that were released for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft to Walmart, Target and Toys ‘R’ Us in the United States with a disc labeling error. The discs in question are incorrectly labeled as demo discs, but those discs do contain the full game content and are fully functional. This error does not affect any other formats of the game. We are in the process of remanufacturing the discs and will get them to the stores as soon as possible.

Consumers who purchased a copy of the Xbox 360 version of the game with the disc labeling error can contact customer support via email at support@wbgames.com or phone at 410-568-3680 for a replacement disc. 

ORIGINAL STORY: It’s been reported along the gaming grapevine in the US that the new LEGO Lord of The Rings game released for the XBox 360 console was faulty.

Well, the disc played. That’s all well and good. But upon the opening of the box, some gamers were shocked to find a DEMO DISC inside the case and not a full copy of the game. Of course, this left both Warner Bros and TT Games with egg on their faces. It appears that this error only extends to the XBox 360 version of the game and not the 3DS, PC or PS3 versions. At least there has been no reports of those platforms of this time.

Of course, this is a very expensive mistake to make especially to those buyers purchasing the game as a Christmas gift. So please- if you live in the US and you’re buying an XBox 360 version of the game, check the disc before you leave the shop. Warner Bros have said that those who have found this disc inside their case to contact their customer service team for help.

Scribble in HD with Scribblenauts Unlimited

You’ve scribbled before. Probably on a notepad, or in a bathroom stall (we’ve already told your teacher. You should be ashamed…) If you were lucky enough to have a gaming device, you might’ve scribbled some amazing things while playing the Scribblenauts series!

Well rejoice! If you are even MORE lucky and find yourself with a Wii U at your disposal later this year, than you can scribble your fingers dead with Scribblenauts Unlimited!

Helping Maxwell on his quest, players use their imaginations and dream powers to summon objects and weapons into the world to defeat enemies and solve puzzles. The newest installment of the game has a side-scrolling open world, and totally new HD drawings.

Not only that, but Zelda and Mario characters and objects are lending a helping hand as well. Goomba + Like Like RomCom anyone? No? Ok…

The game comes out on November 18th! Check it out!

GKick Review: Lollipop Chainsaw

Lollipop Chainsaw | Available Now
Xbox 360, PS3 | Publisher: Warner Bros. | Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture

It’s taken me a while to get this and get around to reviewing it, but here we are. You, me, and Lollipop Chainsaw. Let me clarify something right off the bat: this is not the game you’re looking for if you want a strong female role-model in the lead role. Granted, you probably knew that just by looking at the cheerleader on the cover of the box clutching a chainsaw with little hearts cut into it. And for all intents and purposes, the game’s dialogue and story are ridiculous. However, despite it’s best efforts to make fun of itself and the zombie-killing genre, Lollipop Chainsaw actually does a pretty decent job at delivering a fun, fast-paced hack-and-slash style game.

In Lollipop Chainsaw (I know, a real stretch for a title, eh?), you play the part of Juliet Starling, an 18-year old cheerleader celebrating her birthday when all of a sudden the zombie apocalypse breaks out. But hey, all is not lost, because without any explanation (until later), Juliet busts out the titular chainsaw from her Felix-Bag-of-Tricks and you begin to carve zombies a new one. You find that your character’s boyfriend is alive, but about to become a zombie, so you proceed to cut his head off, mount it in something that appears to be a neckbrace with a tie on it, and wear it as a belt accessory. Ultimately, you find out that a “rift” has been opened between your world and the “Rotten World” and the gases leaking from the Rotten World are turning your classmates into zombies. So, you need to go on an adventure to save the world in typical fashion.

The story isn’t exactly novel (but then again, what is?) and the game itself won’t exactly win any awards (but then again, most won’t), but it’s still full of visceral fun. Now, the fun will be brief however, as the combat gets fairly repetitive and the move selection - albeit padded by a few techniques that you can purchase from the in-game shop using zombie medals - does tend to wear a bit thin. It does manage to provide a bit of a challenge in places, requiring you to manage yourself while dealing with the zombie hoard or the few special zombies you’ll encounter along the way.

The one big thing about Lollipop Chainsaw that stands out to me, beyond the campy art direction and underwhelming voice-acting, is the disappointing platforming. Lollipop Chainsaw is full of moments where, instead of allowing you to perform the jumps, spins or fancy chainsaw moves you SHOULD have at your disposal, you’re stuck either tapping a trigger key, dealing with quick-time events, or spamming a key long enough to get back up, open a door or jump over something. There were far too many opportunities where I should have been given the free reign to leap on or over something to get to the next part of the level and not had to worry about moving to spot A, pressing the B button and watching my character effortlessly leap where she needed to be.

Opinion: Indie Studios Are Leading Innovation, Not Call of Duty

When I say corporate I mean companies like Activision or Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and etc. The studios they own have become a waste of space I feel. While there are some great games that come from them, it’s nothing new. Call of Duty, Assassins Creed are nothing new and they’re really starting to get dull. Sure, they earn they haul in a mother-load of cash after releasing their game but again, it’s still nothing new. Since when do you see innovation or new ideas come out of the corporate industry of gaming? Skyrim was nothing new, it was another Elder Scrolls game. The formulas, the concepts, the stories feel very generic and something we see every time a new game releases.

This is why I love Indie studios. Sure some Indie studios are like the corporate studios, but a lot of them have more room to brainstorm, be creative and innovate because they aren’t under the giant thumb of a publisher. Magicka was an awesome game developed by Arrowhead Game Studios. It was something a corporate company had not thought of doing, but it was fun, it was new, it was refreshing to play.

Corporate companies simply don’t like taking risks. They like making what works, but unfortunately getting what works every year eventually gets boring and dull to the point I would rather spend my money on four Indie games instead of one copy of Assassins Creed or Call of Duty. We’re on Modern Warfare 3 now and getting close to Black Ops 2 coming out. Both are essentially the same formulas with a different story and added features to keep you interested.

This is why half of the MMO’s that come out are terrible. They don’t do anything new, they don’t take risks. They follow World of Warcraft because they know that’s what worked and they want to bank off of that. I feel like I have to thank Turbine for working on technology for mounted combat in their new expansion, Riders of Rohan. Not only that, but they’re doing it right, they aren’t making a choppy concept version. I feel like I need to thank the guys making Planetside 2 for their creativity and innovation. Turbine and Sony are both corporate companies, but they have some innovation brewing in their games, half of the independent developers can’t even afford to make an MMO, that takes millions of dollars that they simply don’t have.

There are so many Indie games out there that many don’t even know about. TRAUMA was one, which was excellently designed, creative and thought provoking. Trine, another game by a Indie studio. It was a innovating, it was different then what we see come out in the stores every day. Indie studios like these are leading innovation, except they aren’t seen because everyone is so focused on what comes out of corporate owned studios. Valve did a great job trying to help Indie studios show off their games with Steam. Some upcoming features will even be improving upon that. They’re helping, but we still can’t see all of these new Indie games coming out every day.

Indie studios have room to create, they have room to brainstorm, they have room to create a emotional experience for the player. Corporate studios may feel the same way, but because they’re under the thumb of big publishers and deadlines, they don’t have that chance to do that because the publisher wants to see more money. Activision is a huge example of this. Bobby Kotick, the guy leading it all has never showed any care but for money.

That’s the type of people that are putting a cloud over innovation and creativity.

The Android OS is also encouraging a lot of Indie studio development. Indie studios have floods of apps and games on Google Play while some of the big name publishers have only a few. But because of these floods of apps, some good games are fairly harder to find. That’s why I feature an app I find to be really good everyday of the week.

The upcoming $99 console, the Ouya will also be helping encourage Indie development. It plays like an Xbox 360, except it runs off of the Android OS and will let you play these Android games on your TV screen. Since 80% of the Play Market is made up of Indie studios and developers, how can this not help and even encourage Indie development in this area?

With all that said, I really ask that you’d pick up a few Indie games on Steam or Amazon even. If you haven’t played one before, it really is worth it, some of the things these guys come up with is out of this world and does not get the attention it should have.

Indie studios in general don’t even have the attention they should have.

E3: Guardians of Middle-Earth Debut Trailer

Guardian’s of Middle-Earth just launched the trailer for the game. After watching this trailer, I see an Xbox purchase in my near future just to purchase this game. If your familiar with League of Legends this game should be fairly easy to pick up, though I don’t know how well a MOBA will work on a console. That aside, I am really, really excited for this game, and can’t wait to play Thor Gimli.

Some suspicions from the trailer:

Gimli can destroy Thor in a showdown match. Seriously. Watch the trailer, Gimli is a boss! Aside from that, I do have a really good feeling about this game, especially after this cinematic trailer they released. As I watched it, I felt confident that this game will succeed. Here’s why:

A lot of game companies really don’t have a lot of money and sometimes don’t even have something to show right away to get support. They’ve basically just got either a very rough Alpha build or the idea on paper with the game engine still being worked on. With Guardians of Middle-Earth they created this beautiful trailer of all of our favorite Lord of the Rings characters and from what the YouTube comments has to say, people love it. Guardians of Middle-Earth has something to show and it’s already drumming up a lot of support. That’s why I think it’s going to succeed and be a big highlight of 2012.

How about we beg Monolith Productions for a PC port, eh?

What do you think?

Guardians of Middle-Earth Announced

Warner Bros Interactive is going at another Lord of the Rings title with Monolith entitled, “Guardians of Middle-Earth.” According to their Facebook page, Guardians of Middle-Earth is a MOBA game like League of Legends coming to Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network this coming fall. The game will have 20 of your favorite Lord of the Rings characters including Gandalf, Sauron and Gollum. Of course all of the heroes haven’t been named yet, but I bet it’s safe to say that you can expect to see most of the Fellowship in the game.

The game is being developed by the guys over at Monolith Production who also happened to make the F.E.A.R series we have all come to know and love. With all that said, there isn’t a whole lot of info on the game aside from a lot of speculation. Hopefully it won’t end up like Lord of the Rings: War in the North, but with Monolith Productions developing this game, it’s safe to assume that this will be one of 2012’s top titles.

You can expect the game to release in Fall of this year just in time for the release of the film, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.