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Halloween Brings Amazing Treat: Natural Selection 2

I thought all I was getting was candy that I mostly didn’t like.

Natural Selection 2, developed and published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, is now available for purchase on Steam. For some people, that phrase would be the only thing I’d need to bring their excitement levels to near maximum. For those that don’t know, I’ll breakdown why this is so amazing!

Natural Selection was a free Half-Life mod that was originally released on October 31 back in 2002. The game was a multiplayer, class based shooter, something we’re all used to by now, but at the time was a newish concept. The classes were taken a step further due to the two teams being COMPLETELY different from each other.

On one side, we have the Frontiersmen, your typical space marine troop. They have assault rifles, shotguns, armor, jet packs, all that typical human stuff. The Kharaa are the alien threat that the Frontiersmen must defeat. There are multiple species of Kharaa, some fly, others are stealthy, a few of them are armored killing machines that way several tons.

On top of all of this? There is an entire Real Time Strategy layer to the game that has to be managed. On the human side, a single player takes the role of the commander, who views the game from a RTS top down view. This player is in charge of placing down buildings for construction, relaying information between the marines, and the general over-arching strategy of the human team. The aliens are a bit different, each using their own resources for the betterment of the Hive, building towers and upgrade structures.

For the time this was really ground breaking. Matches were intense, combining stealth, team work, twitch gameplay, and RTS elements into one cool sci-fi package.

And now the sequel is upon us. Last I heard the project was in trouble financially and people were concerned about whether or not it was even going to see a release date. Well it’s here now!

It’s available on Steam for either $24.99 or $39.99 for the deluxe edition (soundtrack, exclusive marine skin, avatars, digital art book.)

First Look at Total Wa​r™: ROME II Gameplay

For the first in-game look at the next title in the award-winning series, The Creative Assembly present a glimpse of the epic warfare and phenomenal detail players can expect when Total War™: ROME II arrives in 2013.

The year is 146BC, brilliant tactician Scipio Aemilianus is dispatched by Rome to break the three-year-long siege of Carthage, an unforgivable blight on the glory of the growing Empire. Ruthless determination and an almost suicidal amphibious assault is required, but the young consul is uncomfortably aware that the price of victory may be much higher than the senate realizes.

Starvoid Pre-Orders Come With Two Copies and Early Access

Paradox Interactive is offering some cool perks for getting their new game Starvoid early.

From now until the official launch of the game on August 30, players that purchase the game during this early access period will not only get access to the game immediately, they’ll also get a free copy of the game to gift to a friend.

This is a great opportunity for people that have had their eye on the game, but were worried about not having their best buddy commander backing them up. You can purchase the game from any of the online venders on this page to get your extra copy and early access (as long as you get it before August 30!)

Starvoid is a RTS Game that meshes the instant action of games like League of Legends or DoTA with the multiple unit management of RTS titles like Starcraft. Players can custimize their commanders and loadouts that fit their style while playing in games that tend to be faster paced and more action oriented than a traditional RTS.

EA Scraps Generals 2, Launches Free-to-Play Command and Conquer

With all the talk of free-to-play lately you’d think that paying for video game was a thing of the past.

EA made big news at the recent gamescon event by announcing their plans for the RTS series. Deciding to take what would’ve been Generals 2, EA has decided to roll it into a new format titled simply: Command and Conquer.

Generals 2, the game EA was planning in the traditional retail format, will be the first in a wave content for their new platform, with Red Alert and Tiberium Wars being other franchise materials they can tap. Command and Conquer will be a free-to-play mulitplayer RTS game akin to other entries in the longstanding series.

“We are thrilled about this opportunity to transform Command & Conquer into a premier online experience,” said Jon Van Caneghem, VP/GM at EA. “For nearly two decades, this franchise has existed as something you buy; now we are creating a destination where our fans will be able to access the entire Command & Conquer universe, starting with Generals and continuing with Red Alert, Tiberium and beyond. With Frostbite 2, we are able to keep an emphasis on the AAA quality our consumers expect while staying true to the RTS gameplay they know and love — all available online for free.”

The game will be client based, launching sometime in 2013. According to the FAQ there will be no single-player at launch. Another interesting thing to note, those that pre-ordered Generals 2 will be able to get a refund on the no longer existent game.

There was no mention of exactly how EA plans to monetize the game, so all we can do is speculate. Perhaps selling different unit load-outs and specializations. Allowing one player to focus on tanks while another focuses on infantry, all within the same faction, is one way they could go, although balancing all the potential variety would be a nightmare. Offering new skins for individual units or groups of units is another, simpler option. If they are able to grow the community into a competitive scene, selling advertising during the broadcasts of streamed matches is another possibility.

You can click here to get yourself signed up for the beta once that is released. Stay tuned for more news on exactly how they’ll be getting their monies worth on their new free-to-play investment!

Diablo 3 Starter Edition

Remember the starter editions of both Starcraft II and World of Warcraft? Play for free up to a certain level? Well, you’ll be glad that Blizzard is now doing that with their newest version of the Diablo franchise. You can now download the game for free and play all the way up to the Skeleton King boss at the end of Act One or up to level 13 if you never see that boss.

Of course, this holds restrictions such as no access to the real money Auction House and only the ability to match yourself up with other people on Starter accounts. As with the other games though, if you pay for a full version of the game- all your achievements and progress will be carried over onto the new version of your game.

Does this sound like something you want to get your teeth into? Log into your Battle.Net account and create a new account for Diablo III under the ‘Your Account’ section. Happy hunting and see you in game!

Hero Profiles Now Available on Diablo III

If you’ve been to your Battle.Net profile on the Diablo website, you’ll notice a new feature that you can now access something called ‘Hero Profiles’. These work almost the same as the looking at the World of Warcraft Armory and being able to see what class you play, what missions have you completed, what acts are you up to and whether you play a harder mode than anyone else. I’m not sure how this could yet be a feature to the game- but I guess that in some respects it’s handy to use when telling your friends where you are up to in the game. Especially if they’re attempting to party up with you to help out.

Like the Armory, it will also tell you how far you’ve levelled up your professions, what bosses have you killed, what elites have you killed, how long have you been playing the game for. That kind of thing. There’s also an option to share your BattleTag quickly and efficiantly with friends so you can compare your games and characters. Blizzard have said that there are more things to add yet to the Hero Profiles and this is only the beginning. So keep your eyes peeled for more to come!

Happy hunting!

Death By Diablo?

By the title above, I don’t actually mean that your character got killed in game or anything as trivial as that.

A Taiwanese teenager who played Diablo III at a local internet cafe for 40 hours straight was found dead on arrival at the hospital. The 18-year old, who is being recognised by the name of Chuang booked a private room at the Internet cafe in Tainan on Friday 13th June and played for almost two days straight without eating. He was found resting his head on the desk in the morning of Sunday July 15th and a member of staff woke him up. The teenager proceeded to wake up, stretch and walk around the room- only to collapse a few seconds later and be rushed unconcious to hospital.

He was pronounced dead a few short minutes after his arrival to the medical facility.

The autopsy states that the reason of death could be down to not moving in such a long period of time, like deep-vein thrombosis or something similar along those lines. I personally think that for someone to collapse after a forty-hour gaming binge is more than likely down to an underlying medical condition not previously known or mentioned in article by The Australian.

Blizzard has responded to this news by putting out the statement that ‘they recommend players should prioritise their day-to-day life over any kind of entertainment’.

This is the second death to video gaming in Taiwan this year. A man was found in New Taipei, slumped in his chair with his arms still reaching towards the keyboard. He had been gaming for 23 hours straight. He died of cardiac arrest.

End of Nations Beta Weekend To Start July 20th

End of Nations, the game being created by Trion Worlds is going to enter its beta stage very soon. A lot of the guys at Westwood Studios who was making the very popular, Command and Conquer series are actually working on End of Nations. Which is why I feel this game has a lot of promise and will do very well. No one can resist some of the old elements from classic games such as Command and Conquer, right? It’s not old elements just being put into the game, there is a lot of new technology going into it because as it stands, it is a MMORTS.

Imagine 52 armies being controlled by 52 players all going at it in a massively scaled battle. It’d be even more amazing if you could make allies. That’s something I hope to see in the game.

The End of Nations beta weekend will be starting July 20th, make sure you apply to be in the beta on the End of Nations website. Trion Worlds will also be giving beta keys out for it on their Facebook and Twitter page. Also, if you pre-order the Founders Edition, that will also allow you to get beta access.

Let the countdown until beta begin!


Master’s Cup Series League Season 7 Finals

Evil Geniuses Starcraft 2 team tournament, the Master’s Cup Series League, is heading towards a dramatic conclusion this weekend!

Season 7 of the MCSL will wrapping up on June 30th, pitting the top four teams against each other to determine who will get paid and who will go home empty handed. 11 weeks of intense matches between 12 of some of the world’s best Starcraft 2 teams have left us with just four remaining: CompLexity, Fnatic, Mousesports, and SlayerS.

Being casted by Geoff “iNcontroL” Robinson andIsaac “Azael” Cummings-Bentley, round one will feature SlayerS going up against CompLexity, and Fnatic and Mousesports duking it out in round two.

The teams will be competing for a prize pool of $10,000, with 1st place taking home $5,000, 2nd taking $3,000, and 3rd getting $2,000.

Each team will field four players in a first to 3 series. If the teams end up tied 2-2, a final 5th Ace Match will be played to determine the winner. Each game in the series will be a 1v1 best of 3

If you want to catch the matches, click here. You can watch the live stream once it goes up at 12:00 p.m. PDT (3:00 p.m. EDT)

You can also check out the past matches to catch up on how the top 4 made it to finals.

Big prize pool, amazing teams, great castors! Those of you looking for a SC2 fix should look no further. Check it out!


Blizzard Offers HoTS Beta Keys for Help With Arcade 1.5

People that want to increase their chances of getting into the Heart of The Swarm beta-test have a great opportunity avaliable to them for the next couple of days!

From now until the 29th, Blizzard is offering players that help them test out their Arcade beta 1.5 additional chances to win a key, one for each day they test! That’s an additional 3 chances!

“If you want to get in on the action, playing the Rate the Game beta contest is easy. First, visit your account management page, download and install the Arcade (1.5.0) Beta product you see in the game accounts section, then hop into the Arcade. To enter the contest, simply play, rate, and review an Arcade game. The first time you rate and review a new game each day the contest is running gives you another chance to win, so it pays to visit every day until the contest ends. At the end of the contest period we’ll randomly choose 500 eligible contestants to win StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm beta keys!” -Blizzard

Go here  to opt into the Arcade (1.5.0) Beta.

Remember! You can come back each day from now until the 29th to rate a game and get another chance to win a Heart of the Swarm beta key! There are only going to be 500 winners, so every day you play will really help!

Good luck!