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Deck Tease, Episode 15 - Best Laid Plans

After a week long hiatus, Oestrus is back with a brand new episode of The Deck Tease!

In this episode, Oestrus explains why Episode 14 took longer than usual to get published and what really went on behind the scenes.  She also talks about a new blogging endeavor that she is going to be taking part in, what she really thinks about Game Day, and whether or not her plans to attend Grand Prix Chicago are still a go.


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Nintendo Wii U Pricing

So, the inevitable has finally happened. No, no I don’t mean that it’s now raining money or Hell finally froze over.

The one thing myself and many of you out there had finally been waiting on has happened. The Japanese fun guys over at Nintendo HQ were kind enough to finally put us out of our misery. That soul-crushing, sleep-interrupting misery about the Wii U. Okay, so maybe you didn’t lose sleep over it. But nevertheless, wait no longer as I finally have the information for you.

The Nintendo Wii U will be released on November 18th in the United States, November 30th in Europe and December 8th in Japan. I’m a little disappointed about the staggered release dates, but it’s sad to say that you might be waiting for a review of the console from me- I doubt I will be able to get my hands on one until after the Christmas rush. It’ll be a treat to myself for managing to survive the Holiday season another year 😉

There will be two bundles or versions of the console. The Basic white version comes with 8GB memory, a white Wii U stylus, sensor bar and one GamePad for $299.99/£210 and the Deluxe black version comes with 32GB memory, black stylus, sensor bar, charging stand, play stand, upright stand, GamePad and if you live in NA/EU- you’ll also get Nintendo Land tossed in too. That package comes in at the slightly more expensive price of $349.99/£250.

Good news for the Europeans though, there will be a separate limited-edition bundle released that includes the Deluxe bundle and ZombiU. This has no price at this time, but speculators are placing bets for a retail price around £300. In a time of austerity, does this mean that a lot of families out there will be scrimping and saving this Christmas to buy their loved ones this new console? It’s certainly a lot more expensive than the original Wii console, which originally retailed around £180 when first released.

There is some gold at the end of the rainbow though- the old Wii Remotes can be used with the Wii U console, as well as the Nunchuks. And if you can’t afford the Deluxe version of the console, it’s been said that the 8GB will be upgradable via the addition of personal USB thumb drives and HDD. So, this is certainly a plus. Since games and downloaded content will be able to be transferred from the Wii to the Wii U- the good old faithful SD card slot will be back in action once again. (Note to self: move all games off the system to a SD card…)

I’ve got a kicker for you though. If you want another GamePad for your shiny new Wii U- it’ll set you back about $170/£100. Yikes. The new console can support up to two GamePads, and not four like the original Wii. But like I said, you can use your Wii Remotes instead. One thing I am looking forward to with the new GamePad is the deal that Nintendo is bringing back the rumble. I love to feel the rumble on a gaming pad, I love it with my XBox 360 and I miss it from the days of the GameCube. The pad will also have a built in camera and microphone for video chat. Do I smell a possible Skype interaction over the Wii U?

Sad times. The Wii U, unlike the Wii will not be compatible with that lovely library of GameCube titles you have gathering dust. Just the normal Wii titles. That means, you might have to hang tight to your old beleagued console to play amazing games like Super Mario Sunshine or Luigi’s Mansion. As I mentioned before, all content recently purchased from the Wii Store will be transferrable to your new console via the SD card. Hopefully that means we might start seeing GameCube games appearing on the store soon with the lack of support for the much-loved console.

Still interested? Oh me too! I’m not known as the Nintendo Geek round these parts for nothing 😉

E3: Larger Nintendo 3DS on the Horizon?

On the eve of it’s E3 conference, Nintendo is reporting to possibly reveal a larger 3DS unit, for release as soon as this Summer.

The company reporting is Nikkei, which has a reputable track record with reporting future Nintendo hardware first. The new version will boast a 4.3 inch screen, which about 1.5 times larger than the current 3DS screen. It’s also assumed that the redesign will also incorporate the second analogue stick that’s been added via the Circle Pad Pro. Can you imagine playing classic Nintendo handheld games like Mario and Kirby and Metroid on the bigger screen? If you’ve seen screenshots of the new Wii U, it almost seems like Nintendo is aiming for a middle ground between the old Nintendo DS with the smaller screen and the Wii U with the larger screen and console hook up. Could we possibly going back to the days of the connection between the console and the handheld again? So many times Nintendo has tried this with adaptors and what not, but it’s never really taken off. Maybe with a touch of WiFi, the magic could finally happen.

Nikkei is also reporting that the redesign of the console could be hitting the Japanese, American and European markets this Summer. Such a major redesign isn’t that foreign of a thought to Nintendo, which as a company tends to redesign it’s handheld console every two years. The original DS was released in 2004, the DS Lite was released in 2006, and then the DSi was released in 2008.

Nintendo are the kings of the redesign. Can you think of how many consoles they’ve released over the years (NES, Super NES, Nintendo 64…etc, etc.)

The full details of both the 3DS redesign and the brand-new Wii U will both be released tomorrow at the Nintendo E3 conference. I, for one am very excited :)