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Nintendo Launches Pokedex on iOS

Listen up Pokemon fans. Are you one of those players that has been playing Pokemon since the days of Red/Blue/Yellow? Do you buy Prima guides for every single game so you can track all the Pokemon and ‘catch ’em all’?


Creatures Inc. (the co-creator of the Pokemon series) has been a little busy with their tech savvyness.

In Japan and on iOS, a digital Pokedex has appeared on the iTunes Store. It’s no real use to anyone that can’t read kanji- but hopefully the app will come to the US/UK stores soon enough. Currently priced at about 170 yen, this roughly converts into about £1.50/$2.25. Upon downloading the app, you’ll see that all the creatures from the latest games (Black/White 2) will be available for you to check off. Other packs will be available for purchase also, which when purchasing all the packs from the past generations will set you back about £17/$35. Which is roughly about the same price as a paper guide that may just gather dust on your shelf for the next few years.

It seems a little expensive, and maybe the whole thing will come down in price before it hits our shores. We shall just have to wait and see :)


Blatant Nintendo Rip-Offs

In the last few days of scouring the iOS App Store for more junk to download to my iPhone, I’ve come across some very worrying copies of top-selling video games. Now, of course I know that plagarism and piracy is not a new thing in the land of video games but I am concerned that they made it onto iOS.

The first I think I found was a rip-off Pokemon called ‘Little Masters- The Masters of Monsters’. The description shows that you can collect and battle monsters against each other and level them. Sound a whole lot like the Pokemon we know and love? Yeah, I thought so too. Was there any kind of a reaction from Nintendo? Nope. Of course, Nintendo is not the only company out there to have dealt with this in the past with blatant copies of games such as Angry Birds or The Sims appearing from various companies.

Other titles I’ve seen on the App Store are ‘3D Cartoon Land: Safari’ which is almost identical to Super Mario Land 3D, right down to the little character in the red overalls. And Mole Kart I which is a nasty copy of Mario Kart Wii, right down to the custom tracks.

So, as people will probably bash me for giving these copies publicity, I feel that the more publicity given then the faster Nintendo can get these horrible games yanked from the markets. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Pokemon Black/White 2 Release Date!

Looking through my various Nintendo sources, I must have missed this but there is now an actual release date for Pokemon Black/White 2! No, I am not kidding!

After hearing about how many copies it has managed to move in Japan (2 million and rising!) it is going to be heading towards the UK and the US, but sadly not soon enough for my liking. I’ve seen no gameplay with my own eyes so I have no clue as to whether the game actually will be in 3D but I do await with baited breath though. Are you eager to see what the game entails? Oh me too. I have no shame. I adore Pokemon games, I’ve played every single one of them and they just seem to be coming out with new bits and pieces for the games each time. From colour graphics to updated battle mechanics and pedometers in the shape of a Pokeball- who knows what they have planned next?

Actually, according to the trailer- we can now make our very own Pokemon movies now. And go to Burbank…does this mean we go on a pilgrimage to California? Seems odd to me when the core idea about the Pokemon is ‘Gotta Get ‘Em All!’. You’ll get to battle Pokemon from every game too so we get to see the oldies again like Pikachu, Squirtle and even the oddball Psyduck. So the core idea is still there, but I’m still confused about the movie making and trip to Burbank. Well, I hope it explains itself in the game.

The release date for the US is October 7th 2012 and in the UK, the game will be released October 12th 2012. Get in line! :)

Vita Sales Plummet in Japan

In the Japanese games charts this week, the PS Vita has taken quite a knock on their overall sales- they’re down to about 14k a week which is a lot less than the Nintendo 3DS sales of 67k. That’s almost quadruple the sales of the Playstation handheld. The high figures on the Nintendo portable can be accounted for the fact that Nintendo Black and White 2 is due for release this week and excitable Pokemon fans may be eagerly buying the machine to play the new game on. But it appears that it’s not only the 3DS which is selling. The DS, DSi and DSi XL are also having good sales, as the Pokemon franchise seems to have rejuvenated the whole of the Nintendo handheld range.

Here’s the hardware chart, as posted by Andriasang:

  1. 3DS: 68,056 (Last week: 61,793)
  2. PlayStation 3: 15,680 (14,673)
  3. Vita: 13,589 (34,459)
  4. PSP: 8954 (9740)
  5. Wii: 6127 (5963)
  6. Xbox 360: 1073 (1084)
  7. PlayStation 2: 1065 (1237)
  8. DSi: 900 (380)
  9. DSi XL: 704 (689)
 In the first week alone, Pokemon Black and White 2 has already moved over a million copies in Japan, which is good to see for both the franchise and the hardware company. It’s not as good as the original Black and White though as that made about two million copies of the game fly out the door in a mere two days. The game looks like it will be another smash for Nintendo. They’re also have massive sales with their other new titles such as Mario Party 9 and Mario Tennis Open.
It’s a shame for Playstation to be once again the red headed stepchild at the handheld party, but maybe someone needs to tell them that they need a lot more than a nice machine to go up against the might of Nintendo. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. It’s not the hardware that wins the money and the accolades for Nintendo. It’s the games. They have so many classic franchises that only make games for their systems (Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Mega Man, Kirby, etc…) that unless Sony can come up with some Sony-only titles that people will want to buy in their millions like these Nintendo titles- they really don’t stand a chance in heck.