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Deck Tease, Episode 24 - Plays Well With Others


Back from holiday break, Oestrus welcomes Brandon Isleib, from GatheringMagic to the show.  The two of them talk about all things multiplayer Magic - including what constitutes “multiplayer,” what to look for in cards that do better in those formats, how much politics can influence games, and whether or not multiplayer Magic should be played competitively.

Filled with laughs, foreign accents, and great conversation - this is Episode 24 of The Deck Tease.




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Halloween Brings Amazing Treat: Natural Selection 2

I thought all I was getting was candy that I mostly didn’t like.

Natural Selection 2, developed and published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, is now available for purchase on Steam. For some people, that phrase would be the only thing I’d need to bring their excitement levels to near maximum. For those that don’t know, I’ll breakdown why this is so amazing!

Natural Selection was a free Half-Life mod that was originally released on October 31 back in 2002. The game was a multiplayer, class based shooter, something we’re all used to by now, but at the time was a newish concept. The classes were taken a step further due to the two teams being COMPLETELY different from each other.

On one side, we have the Frontiersmen, your typical space marine troop. They have assault rifles, shotguns, armor, jet packs, all that typical human stuff. The Kharaa are the alien threat that the Frontiersmen must defeat. There are multiple species of Kharaa, some fly, others are stealthy, a few of them are armored killing machines that way several tons.

On top of all of this? There is an entire Real Time Strategy layer to the game that has to be managed. On the human side, a single player takes the role of the commander, who views the game from a RTS top down view. This player is in charge of placing down buildings for construction, relaying information between the marines, and the general over-arching strategy of the human team. The aliens are a bit different, each using their own resources for the betterment of the Hive, building towers and upgrade structures.

For the time this was really ground breaking. Matches were intense, combining stealth, team work, twitch gameplay, and RTS elements into one cool sci-fi package.

And now the sequel is upon us. Last I heard the project was in trouble financially and people were concerned about whether or not it was even going to see a release date. Well it’s here now!

It’s available on Steam for either $24.99 or $39.99 for the deluxe edition (soundtrack, exclusive marine skin, avatars, digital art book.)

Everquest: Rain of Fear Open Beta has Started

“You and your friends destroyed the newly created god, The Triumverate, causing an explosion that rocked Norrath and released the stolen power of fear. This power is returning to Norrath, falling from the sky in the form of crystalline shards. Who will gain control of the essence of fear? The Harbingers of Thule entreat you to gather the essence of their lost god before it falls into the hands of others. You will uncover the mysteries of the giant crystals that have fallen to Norrath. Explore newly discovered lands and revisit the frozen wastes of Velious. Battle old foes empowered by shards, confront them and reclaim the power of fear.”

That tasty bit of lore is from the newest Everquest expansion, Rain of Fear. Sony Online Entertainment’s 19th overall expansion is currently in beta, and needs people to test it out! Featuring new environments, more character custimization, new in-game items, and a new level cap of 100 (!), Everquest players should definitely check out this opportunity to get a head start on the new content.

Click here to get in on the open beta!

Midway Arcade Origins Announced!

Remember all those amazing Midway arcade games from all those decades ago? Rampage?  Gauntlet? What about Joust or Spy Hunter or Defender? Remember playing the first two levels of Marble Madness and never seeing the rest of the game because you suck too much to get any further?

Well I do. And minus the soul crushing experience of watching my little marble shatter, like my self-confidence, into a million pieces, it was pretty sweet.

Thanks to the boys at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and the developers of Backbone Entertainment, you can find out how much worse you are at these gems now that you’re old and have zero reaction time.

Midway Arcade Origins is coming to both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for $29.99. More than 30 classic games will be available on one disc. In addition to not having to switch floppy drives in and out to play each game, there will be leader boards support, so you can finally prove to everyone that you REALLY DID have the top-score at the pizza shop that got demolished so a Chipotle could go in. There are also achievements and trophies.

Oh and local multiplayer!

This little compilation will be coming out this holiday season! So start booting up your MAME to get ready! Err wait don’t cause that’s illegal… Ummm go to your local arca… Oh yeah those don’t exist anymore… Um…

Go… watch Youtube videos… of them?

Firefall Comes to PAX Prime 2012 Better than Ever

The crew at Red 5 is coming back to PAX Prime 2012 to show off the newest editions to their free-to-play MMO shooter Firefall.

The game, which is set in a fictional future in which a lunar catastrophe bombarded the Earth, pummeling it into a New Dark Age, puts players in the shows of a surviving member of the human race after a bunch of terrible things happen.

Players suit up in personalized Battleframes, armored suits that grant differing abilities depending on which one is chosen by the player and how it is upgraded. Fighting against hordes of hostile enemies brought on by a tear in the time-space continuum, players will team up to complete objectives, as well as fight each other in duels, or take on other Armies in big PvP events.

At PAX Prime, a few key things are getting the spotlight: First, Firefall just had it’s biggest update ever, so attendees will be able to check out the newest coat of polish freshly applied to the game (big changes were made to combat.) Second, the new in-game store has been launched, showing off how Red 5 plans to monetize the free-to-play game. The store will be selling offering an initial set of aesthetic items, XP boosts, pets and more.

Third, Red 5 announced their Founders Packages, which are going on sale Friday, August 31. These packages reward early adopters by offering them three tiers of support:

* Commander: Receive $120 worth of Red Bean currency, a permanent15% XP bonus, a 10% squad XP bonus, a reserved Army and player name, an exclusive Founders version of the Light Ground Vehicle, in-game gifts, an exclusive Founders Decal and a Firefall beanie.
* Lieutenant: Receive $55 worth of Red Bean currency, a permanent10% XP bonus, a 5% squad XP bonus, a reserved Army and player name, in-game gifts, an exclusive Founders Decal and a Firefall poster.
* Ensign: Receive $20 worth of Red Bean currency, a permanent 5% XP bonus, a reserved player name, an in-game gift and an exclusive Founders Decal.
* All Founders Package buyers will receive priority queuing for Firefall beta access during the next wave of invites.

If you’re at PAX Prime, be sure to check out booths 3103 & 3203, you’ll get a 25% discount if you get the Founder Packages at the event!


Two More Classes Revealed for Primal Carnage

More dino-goodness comes your way in the latest Primal Carnage Character Trailer. Oh and there is a human in there somewhere.


The Raptor uses speed and agility in Lukewarm Media’s class-based FPS. Darting from the shadows and leaping across rooftops to close the distance,  the Raptor is deadly up close if it can get their before it’s frail body takes to much punishment. Players will need to figure out the best routes and wait for the perfect opening to take down their prey.

Fighting for the humans is the Trapper, a crucial support class whose trademark Netgun can slow the dinosaurs to a crawl. He’s best when working with a group, as his dual-pistols can’t do much to stop of group of coordinated foes.

Make sure to check out the website to sign up for the upcoming beta!

Check back for the latest news on Primal Carnage as the game continues to evolve.

Game Party Champions

Game Party Champions | Available: Holiday/Christmas 2012
Wii U | Publisher: Warner Bros. | Developer: Phosphor Games

If you’re after a new family-based game for the Christmas season - look no further than this gem of a game! Being released on the brand new Nintendo Wii U console, it’s a game like the Hasbro Game Night and Wii Sports- and if you’re a fan of those, then this really will be up your street too.

The latest itiration of the enormously popular Game Party franchise, it offers players new ways to compete in arcade, sports and party games. With the brand-new controls of the Wii U GamePad, it enables to players to control the game and give players of all skill a challenging gaming experience. With the sharp, eye-opening HD graphics players can compete in games such as ping pong, table hockey and hoop shoot.

Controlling the game through the GamePad means that players can tilt, turn and swipe the touchscreen to give a fun gaming experience. Modes of play include Quick Play, Story Mode and Party Mode. The first is for the single player that just wants to pick up the game and give it a go. The second enables players to outplay each other and prove that they’re the ‘World Champion’. In Party Mode, players can see if they’re the World Champion using the Wii U GamePad and the others in the party use the Wii Remote to cause havoc on the players game and see if they can make them lose- so concentration is key!

Last Chance to Get Your Face in Max Payne 3

Rockstar Games is throwing one more online casting event for players that virtual versions of them selves to be hunted down and killed in Max Payne 3 multiplayer sessions.

Running all through July, players for both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 can join Social Club Multiplayer Event playlists, and by completing one full game, be automatically entered into the contest. Twice a week for the next four weeks, the Social Club Multiplayer Events will be helping choose which four players get to become digitized and avaliable for download in the coming fall seasons Max Payne 3 DLC packs.

Groups of players will be randomly chosen and e-mailed each week. Make sure to watch your e-mails if you are planning on participating! You only have a 24 hour window to respond! If you are not contacted, you can always come back next week, so keep trying if Rockstar hasn’t chosen you to be shot at in their game.

Here is a list of the scheduled Social Club Multiplayer Events:

Also, you will need to have a Rockstar Social Club account to be eligible to participate. You can click here if you need to create an account.


DC Universe Online: The Last Laugh DLC Now Available

Fans of PvP in DC Universe Online, rejoice! The latest DLC from Sony Entertainment Online, The Last Laugh, is now available for download on both the PC and the PS3. This fourth DLC is the largest PvP update yet and promises that no one will be safe.

The Last Laugh opens up a lot of multiplayer PvP options. Heroes will team up with Superman to invade the Hall of Doom, while villains team up with The Joker to infiltrate The Watchtower. These Headquarter Battles will see eight heroes and eight villains face off against each other in an epic two-part battle! Four on four Safe House Battles are also being introduced for those who prefer smaller scale PvP. Heroes and villains will participate in a variety of mission based PvP objectives requiring them to raid opponents safe houses. The three missions included in this DLC are:

  • Graviton Technology Recovery - Players have been asked to recover cutting-edge technology from opposing factions safe houses. The faction with the most graviton singularity capsules wins!
  • The Rescue - Heroes have to rescue hostages while Villains try to free arrested criminals.
  • Bomb Disposal - A mysterious third party has remotely armed a stockpile of explosives. Heroes and Villains need to take control of the Bomb Squad’s mech and either deactivate the bombs or use them for their own nefarious purposes.

In addition to all the PvP fun, an all new weapon is being introduced. The Shield can be used to directly bash opponents or be thrown as a ranged attack. New Legends characters are also being introduced. Players will now have access to Green Lanterns John Stewart and Kilowog, Sinestro Corp members Amon Sur and Arkilo, as well as Power Girl, Ursa, and Bizzaro.

The Last Laugh is available now for free for Legendary members or $9.99 for Free and Premium players. It can be purchased through the PSN Marketplace or online at DC Universe Online’s website.