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New Paper Mario Trailer

A new trailer has been released for Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Watching the trailer through, it seems as though the game is a little more tricky than I once believed. It still looks like a very fun game, and I’m still going to be one of the first in line to buy it but I once believed that it would a bit of a simplistic game and aimed more towards the kid buyers of the market.

Having said this, obviously it shows that I have never played any of the Paper Mario games before this one and I’m really looking forward to it. So without further ado, here’s the trailer I promised. Enjoy :)


Ace Attorney on iOS

The hit Nintendo DS game series- Ace Attorney, is being released this Fall/Autumn on the iOS platform for all you fans of the lawyer series out there. Capcom will release the first three games to the platform- Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice For All and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations. Gamers will be able to purchase the titles separately or as a bundle. The gameplay will be slightly adjusted to be of the touchscreen variety and the graphics will be updated to HD quality. All the usual aspects from the original DS games are still there, including a new feature called ‘Everyone Object!’ which means that you can tweet the series catchphrases to your Twitter followers.

But for those of you out there that can’t wait for them to be released, the first two chapters will be released as demos soon enough.

Too Much Mario?

Nintendo is replying to claims that they are releasing too many Super Mario Brothers games back to back. This of course all comes after the recent release of New Super Mario Bros 2 for the Nintendo 3DS. Before that, there was the release of Super Mario 3D Land. And after this we of course have Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon for the 3DS; Super Mario Bros U for the infamous, yet vague Nintendo Wii U on the horizon. With still no release date in sight.

Is it a case of too much, too soon? Nintendo doesn’t seem to think so. They have stated that they only release an SMG franchise game once per console. So keeping that in mind, we’ve already had a Super Mario Land and a Super Mario Bros- with Paper Mario and Luigi’s Mansion left to roll out for the console. The only thing we’re missing is a Smash Bros, it doesn’t usually get released on the DS/3DS handheld console- but the same was said with LM, so it seems that the idea is to never say never when it comes to Nintendo. They always seem to have a few tricks up their sleeves.

Of course, Nintendo have been trying to design two side-scrolling platformers at the same time, NSMB2 and SMBU. Did they think that it was a wise idea to have both of them on the market around the same time? Some people are a tad old-school and prefer the comfort of the 2D side-scroller, where others prefer the newer 3D variety. Me? I like both of them, even though the 2D is almost like a blast from the past for me. It takes me back to Saturday afternoons with glasses of milk and Nutella sandwiches- it’s pure nostalgia. Nintendo thinks exactly the same:

“What we have in the sidescrolling games is a goal, and to reach that goal you’re jumping and flying and collecting items and attacking and defeating enemies—and you have this sort of almost in a managerial sense a checklist of the things you have to do to get from here to here. I think that structure is something that really goes beyond cultural and language boundaries, which means we are really presenting Mario games to consumers as a ‘Nintendo-representative’ game that you can only play on a Nintendo platform.”

Even with the saddening delay of Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon- there are hints of the game inside NSMB2, with mini mansions to play though in the worlds. No ghostbusting, just purely collect the coins and run away. It’s a nice holdover though until the full-fat version is released in 2013. I personally, cannot ever get enough Mario as he’s someone I’ve grown up with since childhood and I don’t care how many games Nintendo continues to release- I will still be first in line to buy them. I love the little guy and his adorable brother. I’m glad that Nintendo changed the name though, as I’m not sure how popular he would be today if he was called ‘Jump Man’.


Release Dates For Christmas 3DS Titles

All of you out there budgeting your way towards Christmas to afford all the games being released in the run-up to the holiday season have just been relieved of a title to purchase. The much-loved and highly-wanted Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon has been put back officially until 2013, as says the announcement on the Nintendo website. If you’re still hopeful for some quality Mario games to play at Christmas while everyone has had their fill of turkey and is watching sports on tv- you’re still in luck, I promise you.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star is set for a release date of 11th November, 2012 and Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask is slated for a release on 28th October, 2012. I’m personally still looking forward to Paper Mario, even though Luigi’s Mansion has been delayed a few months. So at least I will still have something to play!

New Super Mario Bros 2 eShop Pricing

It’s been confirmed in the last few days that the Nintendo eShop pricing on the 3DS will be higher than the physical, retail copy. Now, I’m not sure how they work this one out as surely it would cost far more money to make the cartridge, the box, print all the leaflets and box liners…

But what do I know? Average retail price for the retail version is £29.99 and the eShop version is selling for a whopping £39.99. That’s an extra £10 a copy. Yes, Nintendo are giving you a massive 100 Club Nintendo stars for the digital purchase, but is that enough compensation considering that it’s just a digital file at the end of the day? At least with the retail version you can sell it on, pass it to friends to play, and just general keep it on a shelf so should you ever stop playing the game- you can just pop it back into the box and put it on the shelf. Physical games are good like that.

I’ve no insight into pricing in the US, but as soon as I get wind of anything- I’ll be sure to pass on the news.

GKick vs Nintendo 3DS XL

Oh I do spoil you lovely, lovely readers.

Welcome to my meeting with the brand-new Nintendo 3DS XL. Since I am a UK resident, the console was released here a few weeks earlier than the US so I am coming to you from the future! 😉

On first opening of the box, you’ll notice the lack of a charger. This has already been well-documented by various news outlets but it seems that several retailers (including GameStop in the US) are packaging the new console together with the charger. Also, if you’re upgrading but not trading in, you can use the old 3DS charger for the new XL. The same charger from the DSi XL also works with the new console.

It comes in quite a small box, very little packaging in the box too which is always nice to see. Save the planet, and all that. Of course, the usual bits of paperwork are in there with the console. Depending on what colour you got, my review may be slightly biased. I bought the red version (it’s my favourite colour) and one of the very first things I noticed after removing it from the box was the instant greasy fingerprints you leave all over the console. It harked back to the days of my GameBoy Advance SP which also was a PITA for leaving fingerprints. And so again, I am forever cleaning it to remove them. With the old-style 3DS, you never really had that with it being so shiny. I mean in the sense that they weren’t so obvious to spot.

Opening the console for the first time, the hinge is definetely as strong on this one if not a little stronger. First impressions about the 3DS XL other than the fingerprint remark? Even with my tiny little girl hands, I found the console very easy to grip and I felt like my long fingers were no longer fighting for gaming space to try and press the buttons. I personally, always found both the screen and the layout of the 3DS a little small for me. I still believe that there’s too many buttons on it for a console that size. This is where the 3DS XL triumphs. The bigger console means that the buttons are more spread out, and if you struggle with eyesight issues and before you were always squinting at the screen- you no longer will have to with the 90% bigger screen.

And it’s really not a sales gimmick. The screen really is so much bigger than the original 3DS. And also the clarity and sharpness are improved too. Staring at the screen for a long period of time means that the 3D effect (should you have it turned on) is also not as harsh on your eyes either. Not that I’m recommending that you glue yourself to a console for a little longer each day, haha. As I mentioned before too, the 3D slider now has an audible click so you know when the effect is turned off or on. As always, Nintendo recommends that the 3D effect is not turned on for children below the age of 7- no matter how much they want to play Mario Kart in 3D.

The sound seems to be improved somewhat also. I always believed that it sounded a little tinny and cheap on the 3DS. With the inclusion of a newly-designed speaker system- the sound on the console now seems to be just as good with headphones or without. Of course, if you’re playing Nintendogs- do you really want everyone around knowing that you’re a grown adult playing on a cute puppy game?

The battery has also been beefed up on the new console. With the old 3DS, a couple of hours gaming with the 3D and the wireless turned on and you would find that your battery would drain faster than water going down the drain. With the new XL, Nintendo have been kind enough to put a smarter battery into their new console. I’m still on the first full charge of the battery, playing about an hour each day. And it’s literally only just had the red light flicker on to tell me to plug in the charger. I’m very impressed, as I’ve had the console for just under a week and only now is it asking for some more juice. This is what we always wanted to see on handheld consoles- it was very much a bugbear with the last edition. And as always, Nintendo listened and delivered.

Supposedly, the new console is meant to be heavier than the 3DS but with it being larger and more ergonomic- it felt like the weight was better spaced out over the whole console where I always felt all the weight was at one end on the old version. I personally like the extra heft as I feel like I’m holding something worth the money I paid out for it. If technology has proven anything to us, it’s that the general public don’t really like light things. The heavier the weight, the more you feel like you bought something that was worth the hundreds you paid for it. I don’t think the extra weight is distracting, but better balanced that the 3DS.

Even with the new additions to the console like the bigger screen- is it worth the upgrade? I traded in my 3DS for my 3DS XL and I believe that it was very much worth it for me. Having suffered from many years of staring at tiny little screens on the Nintendo handheld- right from the early days of the GameBoy with the black and green dot matrix screen. It’s a real treat to be able to play games like Super Mario Land 3D on the bigger screen and Final Fantasy Theatrhythm is a joy. I really love it. But, saying this other people have held the machine and have said that even though the console is bigger- it’s also lighter and thinner so it makes it harder for people with larger hands than me to grip it properly. And of course, you don’t wish to be dropping anything that expensive. Even if Nintendo are insisting that they’ve made this console a little more durable. So- I shall leave it with you fair readers. If it’s not available in your country yet- go to your nearest gaming store and see if they have a demo model available to play and make up your own minds. I fell in love with it from the first time I played it- but it might take you a little longer to warm up to it.

Good luck and happy gaming! :)

Nintendo 3DS XL: Hands On

I was lucky enough to be at a local games store where they had the new Nintendo 3DS XL out and available for a trial play. The handheld system is not on sale in the UK until the end of this month and until next month in the US. And I had to wander around the store like a lost puppy for about 10 minutes while a snot-nosed brat played on it. Wait, no I love children really. Just that I’m very impatient when it comes to gaming. I was planning on buying a game while I was there anyway, and the seeing the system was a total bonus.

Sadly, I was there by myself and so I couldn’t exactly take photos of me with the system. But I can say the system was surprisingly comfortable in my hands. I expected the console to feel large and bulky in my hands, but it really wasn’t. It was a fair bit heavier though, and that was a little surprising. The bigger screen was a real joy though. As someone who suffers from slightly bad eyesight, the larger screen was a welcome relief. Combined with the 3D effect on the console, it was really fun. The game preloaded onto the demo system was Mario Kart 7 and as I careened my way around the track and avoided obstacles, I could see how the larger screen really was worth the extra money. The more advanced Nintendo climbs the handheld console ladder, the more you wish you were playing it on the Wii. Obviously we are a little way off from console games in 3D on the Nintendo Wii U- but I’m sure that Iwata and chums are already planning it in their crafty minds.

I played the 3DS XL in the black colour, and one thing I noticed was that the company was ditching the glossy look of the old consoles and going for a matte finish instead. I really wasn’t a fan. The size? Again, I was surprised that my tiny little girl hands didn’t struggle with the console. At first glance of the pictures released by Nintendo, I really thought it was going to be a manly console. But it was nice to see that even I could use it too. I still think it would be too big for a kids hands- but in all fairness, a serious console like the 3DS XL isn’t really targeted at kids.

Do I think I might buy one? I’m still torn. I loved handling it and the bigger screen was so much better than my little tiny one on my original 3DS- but I’m not sure if I can afford to spare that kind of money for a console that is pretty much the same, but bigger. For those people who have bigger hands, it’s probably going to be a welcome relief from trying to push buttons and accidently mashing several at the same time.


Start Your Engines!

Nintendo launches search to find Britain’s Fastest Family in Mario Kart 7. The ‘Fastest Family’ will win a car, Limited Edition trophy and other amazing prizes .

Nintendo sure do love their prizes. And as we all know, it’s Summer! (Psh, you wouldn’t think it by the weather outside my window!) The company is on a mission to find ‘Britain’s Fastest Family’ with the popular Nintendo 3DS game- Mario Kart 7. Pit yourself against Mum, Dad, brothers and sisters, Grandma and Grandpa. Maybe even Whiskers the Cat! (Cats are taking over the world, I’m telling you.) Whichever family is crowned, the top prize is a shiny new car in the shape of a Honda Jazz Si, not to mention a slew of other prizes including a fantastic limited-edition Mario Kart trophy. The competition will be running this Summer across England, Scotland and Wales. Regional heats will take part across the country in August, but only a select few of the speediest competitors will make it to the finale to battle the rest for a chance at both the car and the trophy.

Here’s the catch. Your team MUST be made up of your family, therefore no university groups or housemates or best friends. It’s all about teamwork and it’s all about family fun time. Young and old alike will sit side by side, playing their favourite characters at a top speed to win the race. From desert land to an underwater seascape, race against your family in glorious 3D colour graphics and enjoy all that the Nintendo 3DS has to offer!

Does this sound like your kind of thing? If so go to http://www.nintendo.co.uk/mario to find out more!

Wii U: The Nintendo Fangirl’s Opinion

So. E3 is over and all the stalls, vendors, dude-bros and booth babes are heading home for another year. As we said on the current podcast (Yes! I was on the GKick podcast, no word of a lie!) it was a very underwhelming and bland E3. There were almost no console news to be had other than another glimpse of the Nintendo Wii U. (No Steve, please don’t make the joke about the British police car again…lol).

Anyway. (puts on sensible, editorial head). The Wii U.

I, am one of the biggest Nintendo fangirls you will ever meet. I have owned almost every single Nintendo Game Boy/SP/DS/DSi/3DS console every made, but never any of the tv connecting consoles. The reason for this is that I was forced to play on a Sega Mega Drive (Genesis in the US/Japan) for my 11th Christmas. I wanted a NES. I think that my parents must have gotten their wires crossed, and I can remember my brother and I ripping off the wrapping paper with glee- only to be greeted by a giant blue hedgehog on the front of the box. I can remember the look of expectant joy on my parents faces. But we looked at each other with puzzled looks, and I threw an almighty tantrum while my 7  year-old brother cried.

We wanted Mario and Duck Hunt. Well, I wanted Mario. And my brother just wanted to shoot the ducks with a gun. (Certainly not a surprise that his favourite game is Call of Duty these days.) Instead, we had to make do with Sonic The Damned Hedgehog. (Dear Readers: I still play Sonic, purely for nostalgic reasons.) So, Sonic 2 came with the machine and I never remember having anything else to play. Or if we did, I never played. I bought Sonic and Knuckles too, I was obsessed with Sonic. Not with Sega. Or the Mega Drive system.

The Christmas or two beforehand, I had recieved a Nintendo Game Boy for my gift. I had begged and pleaded with my parents for months on end to buy it for me. There was no Duck Hunt, but there was Mario! And Kirby! And Tetris! Actually, I got the pack that came with Tetris. I would take my Game Boy to school with me, sit behind the wall on the playground and be absorbed in the world of Super Mario World for ‘playtime’. Other kids would play netball, or catch, or skipping, or kiss chase. Me? Oh no no no. Far too much energy. It was Nintendo or nothing for me. The problem is, the word got back to the head of the school and he conviscated my console until the end of the day. Then when I went to retrieve it, I was told never to bring it back because it was ‘for my own good that I got some exercise.’ Well, pffft. Exercise, schmexcersise.

I enjoyed being the weird kid at school, always with my head buried in my Game Boy or in some kind of a book. I didn’t like sport and I didn’t like socialising really. Unless it was to trade stickers for my Mario sticker book or to go up to the village to buy sweets. I would try to involve my friends in my little world of Nintendo, but people didn’t really give a crap. Sure, they had consoles. One of my friends actually had a Game Boy too and we would exchange games from time to time, but I could never get into an excitable conversation with her. My other friend had a Sega Master System, and she would challenge me to Alex Kidd competitions. Split screen afternoon fun.

It wasn’t until my male cousins got a Playstation 1 when I was about 13 that I really started to find people to discuss gaming with. But then, all they wanted to do was discuss the size of Lara Croft’s boobs or answer the question of why Crash Bandicoot was orange. I didn’t really want to talk Playstation, I wanted to discuss Nintendo but it was nice to have someone I could actually play games with instead of being questioned why I was playing games in the first place and not off gossiping about boy bands or make up. I wasn’t a typical girly girl and I didn’t want to talk about girl stuff. I wanted to talk games and gaming. My aunt would try to do girl stuff with me, but I wasn’t interested in any of it all. My parents became unsettled in case I wanted to become a raging lesbian or join the circus or something. (Not that there is honestly anything wrong with that- I’m bisexual.)

I was called all the names under the sun by my peers at my new secondary school, I didn’t fit in because all I wanted to do was play games. I began to draw Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario on my school books. I became very good at drawing them. They became almost my logo. If someone saw a book with my drawings on the front of it, they automatically knew they were mine. I was proud of who I was. The boys were threatened and pissed off at the fact that I could easily beat them at Street Fighter II while playing Chun Li. The girls hated it because they were crap at games and I tried to teach them, but they never wanted to learn.

I dealt with this for the next ten years. Fast forward about ten years. I was having a really hard time, suffering from post-natal depression after having my daughter. I’d got nothing to play other than my husband’s Xbox. Which I wasn’t allowed to touch. I wanted a Nintendo DS so badly, I had seen a special edition one I had my eye on. It was black underneath with a red lid. Black and red are my favourite colours. So again, I begged and begged and begged for it. My 24th birthday came around and my husband put the rest of the money towards it. As I walked out of Target clutching my shiny new purchase, I thought I was the bees knees to have a DS. Mind you, I did have a GB Advance SP at home as well as a GB Micro. (I still miss my tiny little Micro.) But the problem with those was that they only played Advance and below games. I had the have a NDS to play the new games. And I played that machine until it came time to move on. I got divorced. I lost everything. That means my entire Nintendo collection. All my GameBoy stuff, my NDS stuff…everything. I was saddened and trailed off back home to the UK with my suitcase and lost dreams in my back pocket.

E3: Paper Mario- Sticker Star

Paper Mario is a handheld console game that’s a little bit different. It’s basically based on a paper Mushroom Land and there you will find Mario (of course) as well as all his friends. He goes about helping them out and trying to make their life a little bit better. The game dates back all the way to the Nintendo 64, when the idea of Paper Mario was first pitched to the Nintendo fans. And it’s been going strong ever since. This will be the third game in the series and looks to be the most fun yet.

It’s a little different to the other two as you use stickers as ways to defeat bosses and help out your friends. You collect them and literally peel them off and stick them in your in-game sticker book as you progress along the game. It’s unlike typical Mario side-scrolling platformers in the way that it follows the 3D land style from Super Mario Land. But unlike the other 3D Mario game, it’s based on a little paper version of the game. Also, when it comes to boss fights, it’s a turn-based RPG game which you usually don’t see in Mario or Nintendo games.

I for one, am looking forward to it. I have a few Mario games in my collection, but I’ve sadly never played the Paper Mario games. It’s different to what I usually play therefore it should be a challenge. A fun challenge too. Along with Luigi’s Mansion- Dark Moon, the game will be released around Christmas time. Oh, which one to pick?!

Enjoy the trailer :)