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GKick Episode 60: The One With Chris Kluwe

new-gkick-podcastOn this episode of GKick, we’re joined by Chris Kluwe as we talk about the past weeks’ worth of gaming news including BlizzCon, the PS4, Diablo III on consoles, Epic Podcast’s charity work, and more! Also, our in-depth interview with Chris where we talk about his time in WoW, his football career, his surge in popularity after his equal rights letter, his book, and his band!


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Game on Girl: Episode 42 - The Golden Rule of Gaming

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The question: What is your Golden Rule for gaming? Your answers? Truly inspired. Listen to this episode and see what our community had to say about playing fair, helping other people enjoy your favorite hobby, and having fun. Check out comments and feedback on gameongirl.com.

Until next time, game on!


Game on Girl: Epsisode 41 - First Person Shooters

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Here is the next installment of our Intro to Game Culture series: Gaming 103: First Person Shooters. Use this episode to help your non-gamer friends and family understand why you were so excited when Far Cry 3 came out! Let us know what you think on the site www.gameongirl.com!

Until next time, game on!

Regina & Rhonda

GKick Hardware Review: SteelSeries Flux Headset

After our review of the SteelSeries Siberia V2, perhaps one of the best general gaming headsets on the market, I was eager to try out another pair from the SteelSeries line. One of their newest releases was actually a bit of a change of pace - a travel-style headset designed for use not only as a standard gaming headset but also for mobile devices such as phones and MP3 players called the SteelSeries Flux.

The Flux is a small but powerful stereo headset which delivers a lot of bang for your buck. Unfortunately, in my experience, the Flux is a bit of a bittersweet experience.

The most impoortant thing to anyone who drops money on a headset, whether for gaming or for any other purpose, is the quality of audio. You want to be able to hear things well, clear, and not have distortion and other issues when the volume goes high, just to name a few things. I can safely say, in this, the Flux delivers. Despite the fact that it’s a stereo 3mm connector only, it still has powerful audio that sounds amazing regardless of what you listen to. Everything from in-game audio to YouTube videos to music playback all sounds outstanding through these compact earphones.

However, the “headset” part of the Flux falls a bit short when it comes to the microphone. In an effort to keep the Flux as a very compact, travel-friendly piece, there is no integrated microphone. Whether as a phone headset or on a PC, the mic is embedded in the cable of the device and, unfortunately, the audio suffers a bit unless you have a proper powered amp of sorts to run it through.

So, even though the audio isn’t that strong for recording, the headset does do a great job at fulfilling its role. This is not a headset you’ll typically use everyday for your usual activities. This is a travel headset clearly designed for those times when you’re at your parent’s house for the holidays and all you could bring was your laptop so you want to get some gaming in. The Flux delivers BIG on being portable. In addition to providing two different cables depending on whether you’re hooking up via PC or phone, it also comes with the ability to alternate which ear you connect the cable to, making it much easier to work with. In addition, there is also an extension cable if you do decide to use it on a desktop PC perhaps as a strong pair of quality headphones.

The design of the headset is brilliant, too. Being portable, it folds up neatly and fits into the included pouch along with any necessary cables quite nicely. In addition, the speakers have brilliant audio quality and the padding fits right to your ears comfortably. Many headsets are rough to wear initially, but the Flux does a great job of being very comfortable right out of the gate. It also blocks out external sounds effortlessly, so make sure you don’t need to listen to anyone if you decide to turn on these speakers.

When it comes down to it, the Flux is everything it promises. If you’re looking for a full-time gaming headset, this probably isn’t right for you. Fortunately, the Siberia V2 is a fantastic alternative for just that role. However, if you need an emergency pair, or you want a great pair of headphones, or you need a travel headset that packs a lot of punch, then you can’t go wrong with the Flux.

Oh, and as far as aesthetics go, you also have a variety of additional earpiece shells that you can use to personalize the color and style of your headset, if that’s your thing. Certainly don’t want to leave that out.

STYLE: 9/10
COMFORT: 9.5/10


Because Games: Super Castlevania IV - PART 1

Shalthis treads Belmost turf and dives headlong into Super Castlevania IV as he tries not to suck at it as badly as he did Turtles in Time. Not as much in the way of extra editing this time around cuz, well, it’s just a good and fun game to play.

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Game on Girl: Episode 39 - Our Holidaze Recommendations

Greetings Gamers! This week we share with you our recommendations for giving and receiving this year! We discuss several recommendations for digital and board games you can gift to your gamer friends or put on your own wish list. Check out the site for links and screen shots of our favorite games to gift and receive this season!

Until next time, game on!

Regina & Rhonda