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Game on Girl: Episode 42 - The Golden Rule of Gaming

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The question: What is your Golden Rule for gaming? Your answers? Truly inspired. Listen to this episode and see what our community had to say about playing fair, helping other people enjoy your favorite hobby, and having fun. Check out comments and feedback on gameongirl.com.

Until next time, game on!


Game on Girl: Epsisode 41 - First Person Shooters

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Here is the next installment of our Intro to Game Culture series: Gaming 103: First Person Shooters. Use this episode to help your non-gamer friends and family understand why you were so excited when Far Cry 3 came out! Let us know what you think on the site www.gameongirl.com!

Until next time, game on!

Regina & Rhonda

Because Games: Super Castlevania IV - PART 1

Shalthis treads Belmost turf and dives headlong into Super Castlevania IV as he tries not to suck at it as badly as he did Turtles in Time. Not as much in the way of extra editing this time around cuz, well, it’s just a good and fun game to play.

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Game on Girl: Episode 39 - Our Holidaze Recommendations

Greetings Gamers! This week we share with you our recommendations for giving and receiving this year! We discuss several recommendations for digital and board games you can gift to your gamer friends or put on your own wish list. Check out the site for links and screen shots of our favorite games to gift and receive this season!

Until next time, game on!

Regina & Rhonda

Game on Girl: Episode 38 - Wreck It Ralph

This week we talk about what promises to be a hit holiday film, Wreck it Ralph from Disney Studios. We talk about heroes, villains, good story development, and great characters. If you’re wondering how Wreck it Ralph is a feminist film, then listen in and find out.

Until next time, Game on!

Regina & Rhonda

Wii U Is Region Locked

Just like both the Wii and the Nintendo 3DS/3DS XL, the new Wii U video games system will be region-locked, according to Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu.

This of course, means that you will not be able to import games from other countries and play them on your Wii U console. Region locking has been commonplace on video game consoles since around the launch of the Playstation. Unlike DVD’s, region locking or coding is not down to a single number but more of just the country that you purchase the game or the console from. Another way to lock the games is to use TV picture settings, such as PAL against NTSC. I’ve tried, believe me. I used to own a NES that I bought home from the US- but using it with a PAL TV meant that I got a picture and no sound. And the same happens if you put a NTSC game into a PAL video game system.

About ten years ago, long ago and far away before region locked consoles were the norm, the import-export market on video games was a huge industry. Certain games like Chrono Cross that were not released in the UK could be imported from the US at a higher cost to the consumer. A lot of games are also released in the Japanese gaming market too, that never actually make it outside of the country. But since the market has been sounded by the death knell, the tolling of the bell- this is no longer the case and if you want to import games, then you need to own the correct console to go with them.

It’s an expensive thing, but if you want those games- the sacrifice has to be made.