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Game on Girl: Episode 39 - Our Holidaze Recommendations

Greetings Gamers! This week we share with you our recommendations for giving and receiving this year! We discuss several recommendations for digital and board games you can gift to your gamer friends or put on your own wish list. Check out the site for links and screen shots of our favorite games to gift and receive this season!

Until next time, game on!

Regina & Rhonda

GKick Review: Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Marvel Avengers Alliance | Available Now
PC (Facebook) | Publisher: Playdom, Inc. | Developer: Playdom, Inc.

Normally, we don’t really talk about Facebook games on this site. At least not from a review standpoint. But, one game in particular really stood out to me and I felt it was deserving of a little limelight here on GKick.net. The game is Marvel: Avengers Alliance. The game pits you in the role of an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., the espionage and law enforcement agency fronted by Nick Fury. As an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., you’ll need to form a band of superheroes to help defeat classic foes and wage PVP conflict against other Agents and their teams.

Like all Facebook games, Avengers Alliance is free-to-play with a pay-to-win backbone. In AA, the currency is simple. You can purchase Gold which can be redeemed for various types of in-game currencies or items which will allow you to expand your roster of heroes, buy upgraded items for your Agent, or various supplies and Iso upgrades for you or your heroes’ gear.

The game starts off simple enough, by putting you into basic team-up situations with other heroes as you accomplish different quests and expend your Energy, the artificial limiter the game uses to require you to either pay more to play more or to redeem using in-game gifts. As you progress, your Agent will gain levels as will your hero team, albeit the heroes earn levels at a much slower rate. By completing quests and redeeming rewards, you’ll earn enough currency to buy more heroes and train them to new levels appropriately.

Other parts of the game include a Flight Deck option that lets you ship your heroes off on side quests for a token amount of XP and a bit of silver (the basic game currency) to help you gear up and stock up; a Research mode which unlocks new gear and supplies from the Store at a price; and the true secondary mode of AA: PvP.

The PvP mode in Avengers Alliance uses the same basic combat engine as the missions do, but pit you and your two chosen heroes up against another Agent and their team. This 3-on-3 battle is influenced by the use of items added to your PVP Armory, which can include everything from basic consumables to special PvP items designed around the bonus to offensive and defensive stats. In addition, your roster of heroes - and their levels - also gives your team bonus stats heading into your matches. Depending on your heroes’ classes - Blaster, Bruiser, Scrapper, Infiltrator, or Tactician, the number of heroes you have of each class and their levels, you’ll gain extra base stats to improve your odds even further.

For a Facebook game, Marvel: Avengers Alliance is actually quite fun and surpringly deep. An extra perk is the volume of free gifts you can send and receive from your friends who also play the game, making it very easy to make a lot of progress in any area of the game.

Merlin: The Game Launches Into Open Beta

‘Embark on a magical adventure with your friends to become the hero of Camelot!’

The open beta for Merlin: The Game has finally launched. As someone who got to play this game during the Eurogamer Expo, I really do recommend it. If you’re interested in the background of the game and an interview I held with one of the developers of the game- please feel free to check that out here.

A magical, fantasy game based on the TV programme, Merlin really is a game for all ages. It’s RPG and turn-based, but the best thing about it is that it’s a flash-based Facebook game. So that means no downloading, no checking system specs and best of all- it’s free to play. So get your friends involved and get your teeth sunk into one of the games I believe will become a very popular game on Facebook.

Award-winning Bossa Studios plan to change your perception of what a social game can offer:

  • Merlin allows you and six of your friends to fight off hordes of monsters, complete quests and explore exciting new areas.
  • As you battle across Camelot, you gain experience points while levelling up and customising your character with the skills you would like to use.
  • Progressing through the game allows you to upgrade your gear from those pieces of the medieval era, to shining suits of armour and colourful robes.
  • Striking and exciting visuals allow you to dive into the world of Merlin and explore the lands of Camelot beautifully rendered in a new stylised environment.
  • Be part of the story in the action adventure game that will always have new content for you to explore.

Also, during the making of Merlin: The Game, the development team consumed enough pizza to cover an entire tennis court. Now, if the thought of Wimbledon covered in cheese and tomato pizza doesn’t make you giggle- then I have no clue what will.

To play Merlin: The Game, just head over to the official website at http://merlingame.com

Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run!

Available: Now Platform: iOS/Android/Windows Phone

I’m going to write about something completely unorthodox in the land of gaming journalism- and mention that one word that no gamer likes. EXERCISE. Hey now, there’s no need to brandish that machete at me, I promise I’m not calling you fat.

I personally am a gamer and a keen exercise enthusiast. I love to run, it makes me feel so very free and there’s no expensive gym membership. At the moment since my arduous moving of houses- I’ve still got no internet connection at home other than the hotspot-variety that I use from my mobile phone. And so, no internet means no Xbox. This makes me quite a sad panda, but I’ve got my Nintendo 3DS to console me. It’s okay. I promise I’ll live.

Anyway, I’m a keen runner and it’s a way I can vent my many frustrations without punching customers in the face. So when I discovered the app ‘Zombies, Run!’ on the iOS App Store- I was taken a little by surprise. It’s a game that involves some kind of movement from you. Bit like Nintendo Wii but with zombies! And surely, any kind of game that has zombies has to be worth the time and energy- right?

The idea of the game is that you start of by crash landing into an area just outside a township. You pick a playlist on your phone/iPod Touch and you get little bits of speech through your headphones from the guys in the game interspersed by your musical tastes. You can choose to either run or walk, but I will give you a bit of a cheat- if you’re not much of a runner then make sure you download the app onto an iPod Touch as they can’t track your pace or speed with the lack of GPS. Basically, as you’re running (or walking) you are told about a story where the people in the township are suffering and desperate for supplies. It’s your job to complete the missions and pick up the items along the way. You’ll pick up things like bottles of water, batteries and med kits to use to level your buildings at the township. The better the buildings, the more advanced the population. Which means more people to help out! Each mission is about 30 minutes long, so it’s a nice chunk of time to get a decent walk/run in.

If you do use a phone, it will track your pace so if you’re a runner and you have your GPS turned on- expect to come across mobs of zombies trying to tear a strip off you. If you’re told that zombies are within 100m…YOU MUST RUN. If you don’t run fast enough, like your life depended on it- it’s highly possible that they will catch you and kill you. If that happens, it’s game over and you have to re-start the mission. So it’s advised to listen to the warnings and not get too absorbed by your music.

The only downside of this app for me was the price, as I paid just a shade over £5. I believe it’s about $8 in the US. But it is available across all three major platforms, so if you fancy the thought of something that will get you motivated for exercise and get to run from zombies at the same time- you’re onto a winner 😉