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Preview of EverQuest II Ethernere Afterlife Realms

Sony Online Entertainment has released a video preview of the new EverQuest II afterlife realm called Ethernere. Part of the 9th EQ2 expansion, Chains of Eternity, the realm is broke up into two parts: The Obol Plains and The Eidolon Jungle.

Ethernere is bleeding through into the mortal plane, and players must enter the spirit realm in order to save both mortals and immortals.



Firefall Comes to PAX Prime 2012 Better than Ever

The crew at Red 5 is coming back to PAX Prime 2012 to show off the newest editions to their free-to-play MMO shooter Firefall.

The game, which is set in a fictional future in which a lunar catastrophe bombarded the Earth, pummeling it into a New Dark Age, puts players in the shows of a surviving member of the human race after a bunch of terrible things happen.

Players suit up in personalized Battleframes, armored suits that grant differing abilities depending on which one is chosen by the player and how it is upgraded. Fighting against hordes of hostile enemies brought on by a tear in the time-space continuum, players will team up to complete objectives, as well as fight each other in duels, or take on other Armies in big PvP events.

At PAX Prime, a few key things are getting the spotlight: First, Firefall just had it’s biggest update ever, so attendees will be able to check out the newest coat of polish freshly applied to the game (big changes were made to combat.) Second, the new in-game store has been launched, showing off how Red 5 plans to monetize the free-to-play game. The store will be selling offering an initial set of aesthetic items, XP boosts, pets and more.

Third, Red 5 announced their Founders Packages, which are going on sale Friday, August 31. These packages reward early adopters by offering them three tiers of support:

* Commander: Receive $120 worth of Red Bean currency, a permanent15% XP bonus, a 10% squad XP bonus, a reserved Army and player name, an exclusive Founders version of the Light Ground Vehicle, in-game gifts, an exclusive Founders Decal and a Firefall beanie.
* Lieutenant: Receive $55 worth of Red Bean currency, a permanent10% XP bonus, a 5% squad XP bonus, a reserved Army and player name, in-game gifts, an exclusive Founders Decal and a Firefall poster.
* Ensign: Receive $20 worth of Red Bean currency, a permanent 5% XP bonus, a reserved player name, an in-game gift and an exclusive Founders Decal.
* All Founders Package buyers will receive priority queuing for Firefall beta access during the next wave of invites.

If you’re at PAX Prime, be sure to check out booths 3103 & 3203, you’ll get a 25% discount if you get the Founder Packages at the event!


Vanguard Saga of Heros Goes Free-to-Play

Continuing the growing trend in gaming as of late, Sony Online Entertainment’s MMORPG Vanguard Saga of Heros is switching to a two tier system, with the base game being free-to-play

There will be two ways to go about enjoying Vanguard, Free and Gold:

Free Members - Players have access to a selection of races and classes. All classes are playable for free up until level 20, while a selection of others max out at level 55. Some game features and content are restricted, such as races, bag slots, guild functions and character slots.

Gold Members - Gold membership is available for $14.99 USD per month and provides players with full access to all items, classes and races, along with full access to all game features such as Broker System, Brotherhoods and Housing. Additionally, Gold Members have access to 12 character slots plus unlimited coin acquisition.

If you and some pals are looking to get into an MMO but are wary of the subscription fees, this could be a good answer for you!

Follow the link to download the game and get started.

Valve Releasing Team Fortress 2 Co-op Mode Today

Valve, in their infinite wisdom, has developed yet another way to get me to spend hours playing Team Fortress 2 months after I had thought it was doomed to be just another icon taking up space on my desk top.

Called Mann Vs. Machine, the mode will allow teams of six human opponents to go up against endless waves of Gray Mann robots. It looks to be Valves answer to the Players Vs. AI modes that have sprung up in modern FPS games as of late.

Featuring unique upgrades for the classes, a new item called the Canteen, (holds charges that you can use on the fly for crit boosts, more ammo, personal Uber) and a variety of robot enemy types, I can definitely see myself coming back and blasting metal dudes with my Scatter Shot.

Click here for all the specifics on this new game type.

It comes out August 15, which is today! So boot up that dusty TF2 and melt some metal!

SOE Provides Pro-Tips to Bullet Run Fans

With the Bullet Run launch coming up, Sony Online Entertainment has released two videos featuring an in depth look at two of their maps, with Mark Mussler, Lead Designer at ACONY Studios (the developer) at the helm. Mussler points out all of the maps important spots and where to go to get the biggest advantages, so players looking for a leg up should definitely check these videos out.



Bullet Run is a free-to-play FPS revolving around team-based multiplayer matches. Set in a world where the most watched show is a reality TV Deathmatch, players take on the role of contestants, customizing their avatar and competing for fame and fortune.

Check out Bullet Run’s site for updates on when the game will landing!



70% Of DC Universe Online Players Use Playstation 3

The majority of DC Universe players play the game on the Playstation 3. To be more precise, the amount of players that connect to the PS3 for DC Universe is seventy percent.

Free-to-Play on Playstation 3 is huge, it’s always been huge. I honestly never thought an MMO would ever be on a console nor did I think the majority of the players would be playing on that console.

“free-to-play on PlayStation 3 is huge”, Sony Europe boss John Smedley claimed.

“Right now, it’s us with DCUO and Free Realms and our friends at CCP with Dust 514 that are going to prove that this market really works,” Smedley told Eurogamer sister site GamesIndustry.

“There’s a lot of people that go through that store and it’s so easy to find and download these games that it’s a great business model. A lot of people have already stored their credit card information so it’s very frictionless if they do want to buy something.

“It’s a business model of the future.”

Sony was at first reluctant to take on the free-to-play gaming brand, Smedley explained. The blazing success of DC Universe Online has helped to silent the critics on that though.

“I admit there was a mindset where when you use the word ‘free’ people pause. ‘Wait a minute, what do you mean by free?’ But even then people want to see the results. With DC Universe Online the split that we’re seeing ended the debate right there.”

“When another MMO launches we track very carefully how many players we lose to it. We can tell when the bad ones come out because they might have a lot of hype up front and we lose players for a couple of days, but they come right back so we immediately know if something is not good.

“Then again with a game like Diablo 3 we’ll see them go away for weeks,” Smedley concluded. “I was one of them! It’s right in front of us when that happens.”

This is great news for Sony and consoles all together. I’m sure with this proving to work well, we’re going to be seeing more MMO’s designed for consoles specifically.

Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms Trailer Released

As promised, the developers of the Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms MMO, Bigpoint, has released the very much awaited trailer for this new MMO. The game is based off of HBO’s hit series, Game of Thrones and not George R.R Martin’s books. Which may or may not be disappointing for you as TV shows based off of books tend to leave out some really cool and important parts of the book.


Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms will be a free-to-play browser based MMO and will be out next year.

EA And Bioware Returns to the World of Britannia With New Ultima RPG

Bioware announced today a new free-to-play game that’s in the works, Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar. Quest for the Avatar will be combing accessible action RPG gameplay with the trademark BioWare storytelling that we’ve all come to love. It will immerse both longtime fans and newer gamers into the “deep engaging world of Britannia.”

Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar will be available on the iPad and PC the later this year with fully integrated, cross-platform play. That way gamers will be able to experience the rich elements of this RPG with friends, “wherever and whenever” they choose to play.

If your looking to check out the beta and want to see the games trailer, you can visit their website at www.ultimaforever.com. If your attending Comic-Con International 2012 in San Diego this weekend, be sure to stop by the EA booth (#5405) to learn a ton more about Ultima Forever and a chance to get to play some of EA’s other free-to-play games such as Command & Conquer: Tiberum Alliances.

“There’s a fundamental shift underway in how gamers play and pay for games, and Electronic Arts is a leader in providing new business models and new ways to consume content,” said Dr. Ray Muzyka, General Manager of EA’s BioWare Label and Co-Founder of BioWare. “With Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar, we’re excited to give gamers the opportunity to play a high quality game with their friends anytime, anywhere, on both iPad and PC,” said Eugene Evans, Studio GM at BioWare Mythic.

“As huge fans of the Ultima franchise, the team at BioWare Mythic is not only excited to be able to bring this reimagining of the original rich world to the fans of the classic RPGs, but also to introduce a new generation of gamers who have never had a chance to discover why this is one of our industry’s most beloved worlds.”

It’s about time someone picked this back up, especially with all the old classics rising lately.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Launching U.S and Europe Early 2013

 Phantasy Star Online 2, a free-to-play multiplayer action RPG is set to launch in the U.S and Europe in early 2013, Sega announced.

Phantasy Start Online 2 is or was in development for the PC and Sony’s new handheld console, the PS Vita, but the latest announcement which was issued to PSO-World mentions a PC version only and not a version for the PS Vita. Whether they are still developing it for the PS Vita or not is unconfirmed.

“Phantasy Star Online was a revolutionary game when it was released, and we want to make sure that its successor in the series is every bit as ambitious,” said Sega America’s digital boss, Chris Olson.

“We look forward to introducing Phantasy Star Online 2’s unique, easy-to-access multiplayer action to the rest of the world next year!”

“The number one thing we want to provide players in Phantasy Star Online 2 is an adventure that changes every time they log in,” Satoshi Sakai, Producer of Sega Japan, added.

“Just as great table-top RPG experiences revolve around imaginative and unexpected encounters, we want players to consistently be surprised as they explore dungeons and undertake quests

This is really beginning to sound interesting and shaping up to sound really cool. Will you be looking forward to playing Phantasy Star Online 2? Have you even played the first one? I myself will probably be checking it out when it launches as it is free-to-play. Nothing to lose!

Huge Sale for DC Universe Online Marketplace Begins Today

I’m sure everyone loves a good sale, especially when 50% off is mentioned. The Executive Producer of DC Universe, Larry Liberty said in a blog post today that all in-game items will be 50% off later today through July 10th, 2012 in North America. This the first time a “Summer Sizzle” is coming to the DC Universe Online PS3 in-game marketplace.

This sale has been in planning and development for months, Larry mentions. He also mentions that he really hopes to do more of these sales for the game in the future.

If your a big fan of the game, I’d suggest getting as much as you can because the sale is 50% off all in-game items. It’s not usual you see a huge sale like this and who knows when there will be another one with a 50% off bargain.

It has not been clarified if this 50% sale also applies to expansions or not, nor has it been clarified if the sale is exclusive to Playstion 3 players or not.

Do you spend money in in-game stores at all? What if there’s a big sale like this going on?