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Game on Girl: Episode 38 - Wreck It Ralph

This week we talk about what promises to be a hit holiday film, Wreck it Ralph from Disney Studios. We talk about heroes, villains, good story development, and great characters. If you’re wondering how Wreck it Ralph is a feminist film, then listen in and find out.

Until next time, Game on!

Regina & Rhonda

GKick Episode 54: The One With The Star Wars

On this episode of GKick, we talk a lot - perhaps too much - about Disney’s buyout of Lucasfilms, Star Wars, our favorite Disney memories, and even some World of Warcraft including Patch 5.1 info, Brawler’s Guild, and get some transmogrification tips from the Transmoginista herself, Ali!


Disney Purchases Lucasfilm for $4bn; Promises Star Wars Episode 7 in 2015

UPDATE: According to the Walt Disney Co. investor call, the company is also expecting to release Episodes 8 and 9 of Star Wars following the new film. No timeline was given.

The Associated Press is reporting on a deal struck between The Walt Disney Co. and Lucasfilm Ltd that would see the entertainment giant purchase the production company for a colossal $4.05 billion dollars in cash and stock from founder George Lucas. Disney also promises a new Star Wars movie to be released in 2015.

The Walt Disney Co. announced the purchase which would bring the iconic film company under their umbrella with other brands such as Pixar, ESPN and ABC. Kathleen Kennedy, co-chairman of Lucasfilm, will serve as the company’s President and report to Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn. Lucas himself will serve as a creative consultant for the new Star Wars film, leaving the Directorial and writing chairs open for other filmmakers.

In a statement, Lucas said “It’s now time for me to pass ‘Star Wars’ on to a new generation of filmmakers.”

GKick Review: Kingdom Hearts 3D

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance | Available Now
Nintendo 3DS | Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios| Developer: Square Enix

It’s been a while since I picked up this game, actually almost two weeks but there is just so much to it that I didn’t know where to start. Being someone that has only played about five minutes of the original KH game on the PS2- I didn’t know if I was well suited for the job of reviewing the 3DS version, but I decided to throw down the gauntlet and give it a shot. Having played the game on the brand-new Nintendo 3DS XL, I could see that the game was far more suited for a larger console and wished that they could have released a version of the game for the Nintendo Wii too.

Starting up the game, you are immediately treated to an immense 3D presentation of the intro- which frankly, blows you away and presents the 3D graphical capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS XL to it’s maximum. At this point I am wondering how much more improved the graphics can be, but I forget of course that this is a cut scene and in my years of gaming, I always know that those are much better than the graphics in the actual game. As someone who has never really played any of the games in the franchise, I am completely on the edge and wondering what to expect next. I know nothing of Sora or Riku or their backstories. I didn’t even really know why Square Enix had fused a Final Fantasy-type game with Disney characters.

But still I soldiered on, scratching my head at the many confusions about ‘key blades’ or ‘portals’. The main outline of the game is that Sora and Riku are aiming to become ‘keyblade masters’ and to complete this,  they have to unlock all the Sleeping Keyholes. Completing each world unlocks a keyhole, and at the end of each world there is a World Boss. There are also monsters called ‘Dream Eaters’. The bad Dream Eaters aim to steal your dreams and must be defeated. The good Dream Eaters are also called ‘sprites’ and are almost like Pokemon to help you along the way as companions. With these Sprites, you level them up as you would any other kind of virtual pet. There’s also an option to pet them like an animal from Nintendogs and to be able to take little 3D pictures of them using the built-in camera on the handheld system. But of course, only if you wanted to.

As I played more of the game, I discovered how fun yet frustrating this game could be. Something kept me playing though, the compelling music and the amazing graphics kept me glued to my portable console- playing hour after hour and day after day of the game. One of my favourite things about the whole game is the combat system, as it was very stereotypical of Square Enix games. The combat system is almost a good 50% of the game. Killing each Dream Eater using the Flow system was pretty cool too, sliding along rails and swinging between lamp posts like a cartoon version of Tarzan. My only downfall of the game though was the Drop system, I found it very irritating to be almost playing two games alongside each other. You have a set time on both Riku and Sora, playing in parallel worlds but different stories and different characters to accompany them along the way. After this set time, the Drop timer runs out and you are moved back to the other character, stopping you leveling up one characters quicker than the other. This can happen at any time, so if you’re in the middle of a boss fight and you are dropped out- you have to start the fight all over again when you play the character again.

Featured App: Where’s My Perry?

Available On: Android, iOS

Versions: Paid - $0.99

Where’s My Perry? is the latest app Disney has released and is a take off of Where’s My Water? but offers funny dialog with a new character along with some different and unique physics-based puzzles to solve. Where’s My Perry? is based off of one of Disney’s hit show, Phineas and Ferb. You may think the game is more focused for children, but really it’s not.

The game offers some very unique and sometimes even challenging puzzles to get through. They get even harder if you try to collect all the bonuses in each level which adds to the re-playability of the game. The goal of the game is to fill up a meter with water in all of its different forms, ice, steam and liquid to progress to the next puzzle.

After collecting various collectible items in each mission a secret level is unlocked for you to play. The game already contains more than 80 different puzzles over four different missions and promises more free updates to come after purchasing the app. This game offers countless hours of fun trying to find all of the collectables to find the secret levels and different collectible items.

The only thing I really didn’t like about the game was that it wasn’t very innovative. It has some really cool graphics and some spy themed music is basically a direct copy off of their past game, “Where’s My Water?”. They really should of taken time to think of something more to add to the game, than just copying off of their past one, but Where’s My Perry? still offers some unique and brain-wracking challenges to overcome.

I’d suggest getting this game, the puzzles are very fun to figure out, but I would also suggest checking out Where’s My Water? if your looking for more puzzles to solve!

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