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GKick Episode 59: The One With The Big Announcement

newgkickOn this episode of GKick, we have a BIG FREAKIN ANNOUNCEMENT as NFL punter and former raiding rogue Chris Kluwe will be on Episode 60 of GKick! Also, we talk about the evolving NTA now Dragon Squad, Project Blackstone, more gaming news, the latest on the state of WoW, a new Transmoginista and more!


GKick Episode 54: The One With The Star Wars

On this episode of GKick, we talk a lot - perhaps too much - about Disney’s buyout of Lucasfilms, Star Wars, our favorite Disney memories, and even some World of Warcraft including Patch 5.1 info, Brawler’s Guild, and get some transmogrification tips from the Transmoginista herself, Ali!


Checking In With Blizzard: Diablo, All-Stars and More

Mike Morhaime has updated the community with some news for us all. If you don’t scour the forums and trawl the news- then this is definitely for you.

  • Diablo 3 will have an expansion. Originally, the idea was for the first one to have been released one year after the launch of the game- but as we well know, is just around the corner. If it was planned, obviously it’s going to be a complete surprise to us all. Mike confirms that the idea is still planned and the concept is still very much in the works.
  • As of 30th September, 2012- Diablo 3 has sold over 10 million copies. That’s not too shabby.
  • World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria sold 2.7 million copies in it’s first week alone. Yes. World of Warcraft is sooooooo dead. /sarcasm
  • Blizzard All-Stars is also in the development stages, also confirmed by Morhaime and ‘we’re doing some great work’. Internal testing is currently underway with game play. Nothing really concrete to report though, so just watch this space.
  • Heart of the Swarm for Starcraft 2 will now be released during the first half of 2013. Which is a bit of a bummer considering we’ve been hearing about it since Blizzcon 2011.
  • Blizzcon returns for 2013! The mega-con will be back for all you Blizzard fans, so get your costumes in gear!

GKick Episode 51: The One With No Talent

On this episode of GKick, we dive into the world of WoW patch 5.0.4 and have a friendly debate on the new talent system and the evolution of WoW into a more and more casual-friendly game. We also premiere a new Greyfoo song and give our thoughts (spoiler-free!) on the new Tears of War book!



Hero Profiles Now Available on Diablo III

If you’ve been to your Battle.Net profile on the Diablo website, you’ll notice a new feature that you can now access something called ‘Hero Profiles’. These work almost the same as the looking at the World of Warcraft Armory and being able to see what class you play, what missions have you completed, what acts are you up to and whether you play a harder mode than anyone else. I’m not sure how this could yet be a feature to the game- but I guess that in some respects it’s handy to use when telling your friends where you are up to in the game. Especially if they’re attempting to party up with you to help out.

Like the Armory, it will also tell you how far you’ve levelled up your professions, what bosses have you killed, what elites have you killed, how long have you been playing the game for. That kind of thing. There’s also an option to share your BattleTag quickly and efficiantly with friends so you can compare your games and characters. Blizzard have said that there are more things to add yet to the Hero Profiles and this is only the beginning. So keep your eyes peeled for more to come!

Happy hunting!

Death By Diablo?

By the title above, I don’t actually mean that your character got killed in game or anything as trivial as that.

A Taiwanese teenager who played Diablo III at a local internet cafe for 40 hours straight was found dead on arrival at the hospital. The 18-year old, who is being recognised by the name of Chuang booked a private room at the Internet cafe in Tainan on Friday 13th June and played for almost two days straight without eating. He was found resting his head on the desk in the morning of Sunday July 15th and a member of staff woke him up. The teenager proceeded to wake up, stretch and walk around the room- only to collapse a few seconds later and be rushed unconcious to hospital.

He was pronounced dead a few short minutes after his arrival to the medical facility.

The autopsy states that the reason of death could be down to not moving in such a long period of time, like deep-vein thrombosis or something similar along those lines. I personally think that for someone to collapse after a forty-hour gaming binge is more than likely down to an underlying medical condition not previously known or mentioned in article by The Australian.

Blizzard has responded to this news by putting out the statement that ‘they recommend players should prioritise their day-to-day life over any kind of entertainment’.

This is the second death to video gaming in Taiwan this year. A man was found in New Taipei, slumped in his chair with his arms still reaching towards the keyboard. He had been gaming for 23 hours straight. He died of cardiac arrest.

GKick Episode 47: The One With The Sophisticated Accent

On this episode of GKick, we talk about the latest from NTA and the GKick Network, talk about the latest in WoW and Blizzard news, chat a bit about the state of PvP in Mists of Pandaria, recap the E3 convention, and welcome a special guest to the show all the way from England, Nickie!