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Blog: StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm Collector’s Edition Unboxing

With the release of Heart of the Swarm just 4 short days away - and GKick’s interview with Rob Clotworthy, the voice of Jim Raynor, just tomorrow - we were greeted by a fantastic copy of the Collector’s Edition of Heart of the Swarm, ready for our enjoyment. If you’re one of the folks who has your copy of Heart of the Swarm Collector’s Edition en route, here’s a peek at what you’ll be getting when the box arrives!

A look at the box itself, featuring the distinct purple artwork and Zerg logo in the center.

The Collector’s Edition features the game itself, a Behind-the-Scenes DVD with interviews from Blizzard crew and the voice actors behind the game, another amazing soundtrack, a Heart of the Swarm art book, the Zerg Rush mousepad, and a few free-play guest pass codes for World of Warcraft and Wings of Liberty. In addition, all Collector’s Edition and Digital Collector’s Edition owners will get several StarCraft II avatar pictures and a special skin for the Zerg Ultralisk, a Zergling pet for World of Warcraft, and a special Diablo III banner and Blade Wings for your character to add to their battle.net collections.

The first look inside! Every item fits very neatly into the box, thanks to a plastic insert with special slots for each item.
The first look inside! Every item fits very neatly into the box, thanks to a plastic insert with special slots for each item.

The game itself includes a lot of major updates to the core StarCraft II game. In addition to the new campaign mode, the game also includes new units and an overhauled ladder system for the popular multiplayer element of the game. This game also serves as the central of a three-part story that will culminate with Legacy of the Void, possibly in another 2-3 years from now.

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Art Book
StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Art Book
StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Soundtrack

In this chapter of the story, we continue where Jim Raynor “saved” the fallen Kerrigan, who led the Zerg forces as the Queen of Blades, after the battle on Charr. However, it won’t last long as you assume command over Kerrigan and attempt to reclaim your place as leader of the Zerg all while avoiding and threatening the story’s main antagonist, Arcturus Mengsk. There’s a bit more to it, but you’ll need to play to experience it all.

Heart of the Swarm “Zerg Rush” Mousepad
Heart of the Swarm Game DVD and the Behind-the-Scenes DVD/Blu-ray 2-Disc Set
Heart of the Swarm Game DVD and the Behind-the-Scenes DVD/Blu-ray 2-Disc Set

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm will be available on March 12th, 2013 online and at retailers nationwide. Heart of the Swarm requires StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty in order to play.07-entirety

Walking Dead Collectors Edition Revealed

If you’ve been following my very patchy coverage on Telltale Games’ version of the TV series ‘The Walking Dead’, you’ll remember that I’m a very big zombie game fan and I like to shoot/slash/hack/chop/obliterate the damned mouldering blighters (delete as necessary). If you’ve never played any of the games, then I would say that you’ve missed out on one of the most interesting zombie RPG games that I’ve seen on a console for quite a while.

It’s almost like a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ game where your choices make for some interesting plot twists and the style of the game is almost like a digital comic book. This of course makes sense, as the original story is a comic book that evolved into both a really great TV series and a really great video game series. Originally available on XBox Live and Sony Online, and now Telltale is releasing both the box sets for the basic and Collector’s Editions so you can own all the game in one convenient package.


At this point, it appears that the CE is only available in the US and through the retailer GameStop- but if you’re still interested here’s what you get:

  • Extremely Limited for PRE-Order only, MSRP $69.99 USD.
  • The Walking Dead Compendium One featuring exclusive art by Charlie Adler (who’s been the series artist since 2004.)
  • The 48 issues of the award-winning comic book by Robert Kirkman.
  • An awesome box featuring more artwork by Charlie Adler.
  • And of course the game discs featuring all the episodes (1-5) from Season One.

There’s no news as to whether this premium boxset will be released outside of the US at this point, but I’m certainly keeping my fingers crossed for it. If you’re interested in it and it’s something that whets your appetite for zombie slaying- then don’t walk…RUN! 


Pre-Orders for Darksiders 2 on THQ Store Offers Extra Content

THQ is offering a great deal on their store for those of you who basically want free DLC. With the purchase of the Collectors Edition from their online store only, they will be offering you a free season pass for extra DLC. Not only that but the Collector’s Edition comes with the mask of the horseman, Death. That alone is enough to pay for the Collectors Edition!

The season pass will be giving you free 60 and 90 day DLC along with some sort of armor and scythe set. “These DLC packs will include significant new single player content,” THQ said in an announcement. I’m secretly hoping this DLC content will include War, the first Horseman from the first game. It’d be really cool to see War and Death’s story tie in together.

Any pre-orders will automatically be upgraded to the Limited Edition for free. That will allow you get a free download code for Argul’s Tomb, which seems to be a dungeon for you to explore.

Remember though, the season pass is exclusive to THQ’s store.

I’ll be pre-ordering the Collectors Edition, especially after seeing a few things that have mentioned “open world” and “dungeons” to explore. These weren’t in the first Darksiders, so I am really excited.

<insert nerd shivers>

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary

What’s a more awesome way to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of one of the biggest gaming franchises than a super-enormous collectable box set? On September 18th, 2012 and being released for both PS3 and xBox 360, it’s certainly got to be one of the most awesome things I’ve seen this year. I can remember playing Street Fighter II and kicking full grown men into the dirt using Chun-Li. Yes, I was a chick playing a chick. How predictable. But I soon learned how to operate the character to the point where I even beating characters like Blanka and dodging his electric shock moves with ease.

If you’re a big Street Fighter fan, you can expect to find everything you could have ever wanted to quench your hunger and love of the game. Including some things that I personally would have never thought of, but are still awesome nonetheless :)

For $150, inside the box you can expect to find the following:

Past and Present Street Fighter Games – Playable on current gen PS3 and Xbox 360 console systems, the four critically-acclaimed titles selected from the star-studded catalog are: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online Edition, Super Street Fighter® IV Arcade Edition with all costume DLC, and Street Fighter X Tekken including all character and Swap Costume DLC.

Exclusive Video – The two-disc Blu-Ray set includes a documentary that highlights the profound influence the franchise has had on fans – and vice versa – throughout the years. The collection of videos also includes Street Fighter®IV and Super Street Fighter®IV Anime movies as well as all episodes of the Street Fighter animated series and Street Fighter®II: The Animated Movie.

Light-up Ryu Statue – A specially commissioned and highly-detailed collectable Ryu statue stands prominently at 8” tall and features the iconic character in mid-Shoryuken, with flames lit from below.

11-Disc Soundtrack – Street Fighter game music spanning the past 25 years, in addition to remixes and fan-created music inspired by past Street Fighter games .

64-page Hardcover Art Book – A tribute to Street Fighter game fans from all over the world, the art book includes fan pieces submitted by professional and aspiring artists alike.

Ryu’s Belt – Created to regulation specs, the full-size martial arts black belt is a replica of the one Ryu wears and even includes his classic “Fūrinkazan” in kanji!

Certificate of Authenticity – Each Collector’s Set comes individually numbered complete with a certificate of authenticity.

Are you a that much of a fan that the prospect of this has you drooling? Are you thinking of buying it for someone as an early Christmas gift? I personally would love it, but I honestly have enough video game stuff- I’m currently trying to clear some of it out! But wait! There’s more! In addition to the collectors edition, Capcom are also holding a series of events throughout the world to celebrate the 25th anniversary of one of the most popular (and famous!) arcade games to date. They’re holding a series of tournaments to pitch the best players against each other so they can slog it out for the top dog spot. Do you think you’re up to the challenge? Here’s the dates! :)

  • July 28-29th-  Austin, TX
  • August 11-12th in the NY area
  • August 26th-  Taipei, Taiwan
  • Mid-September in the Tokyo, Japan area
  • September 27-30th- London, England (in conjunction with Eurogamer)
  • October 13-14th - Sao Paulo, Brazil (in conjunction with Brazil Game Show)
  • October 27-28th- Los Angeles, CA
  • October 31- November 4th- Paris, France (in conjunction with Paris Games Week)
  • December 8th- Finals in Los Angeles, CA
What have you got to lose? Have a shot! I’m gonna see if I can track down some of the European matches for sure, and I’ll keep you informed!