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Because Wrestling Presents: WWE Hell in a Cell Live Chat - Sunday @ 7:30p ET!

Time for WWE Hell in a Cell and Because Wrestling is presenting another live chat event! Join us on Sunday October 28th starting at 7:30 Eastern for the Hell in a Cell pre-show, followed by live PPV coverage and chat all evening long! Here’s a preview of the matches scheduled for the event!

WWE Championship Hell in a Cell:
CM Punk (c) vs. Ryback

World Heavyweight Championship:
Sheamus (c) vs. Big Show

WWE Intercontinental Championship:
Kofi Kingston (c) vs. The Miz

WWE Tag Team Championship:
Team Hell No (c) vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

WWE Divas Championship:
Eve (c) vs. Layla vs. Kaitlyn

Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio

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WWE Night of Champions Live Chat - Presented by Because Wrestling!

It’s Sunday! It’s PPV time! WWE Night of Champions, where every title is on the line! Check out the card and join our live chat event starting with the NOC Pre-Show at 7:30p ET!

WWE Championship:
CM Punk (c) vs. John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship:
Sheamus (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio

Intercontinental Championship:
The Miz (c) vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara

WWE Tag Team Championship:
Kofi Kingston & R-Truth (c) vs. Kane & Daniel Bryan

WWE United States Championship:
Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. TBD

WWE Divas Championship:
Layla (c) vs. Kaitlyn

Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler

United States Championship #1 Contender 20-man Battle Royale

Wii U Release Titles

Just a short and sweet post to let you guys know what titles are up for release with the Wii U, and which ones will be following soon behind it. Nintendo are spoiling us with so much choice!

Confirmed Launch Games

  • Super Mario Bros U
  • Nintendo Land
  • ZombiU
  • Rayman Legends
  • FIFA 13
  • Darksiders 2
  • Mass Effect 3
  • Call Of Duty: Black Ops II

Launch Window Games (release window ends March 2013)

  • Game & Wario
  • LEGO City: Underground
  • NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor’s Edge
  • Pikmin 3
  • The Wonderful 101
  • Wii Fit U
  • Wipeout 3
  • 007 Legends
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines
  • Assassin’s Creed III
  • Batman: Arkham City Armoured Edition
  • Ben 10 Omniverse
  • Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2012
  • Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two
  • Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade
  • Frozenbyte
  • Game Party Champions
  • Jett Tailfin
  • Just Dance 4
  • Madden NFL 13
  • Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth
  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
  • Nano Assault Neo
  • NBA 2K13
  • Rabbids Land
  • Rapala Pro Bass Fishing
  • Rise of the Guardians
  • Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien
  • Scribblenauts Unlimited
  • Skylanders Giants
  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
  • Sports Connection
  • Toki Tori 2
  • Trine 2: Director’s Cut
  • Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013
  • Zumba Fitness Core

Jumping The Gun On Release Dates

I walk past a gaming store every day on my way to work and the other day I had to do a double take. There is a poster in the window of the store and it states as gospel that the Wii U will be coming this Christmas.

Now, I am wondering if gaming stores are actually allowed to do this when the general public doesn’t actually know when the release date is? There’s been no actual press statement from Nintendo quoting this as truth and to me it just seems like false information and building the public up for something that might not actually happen. At this point in time, it’s just assumed that the console will be released at Christmas. The Nintendo Wii is coming to the end of it’s natural life cycle, gaming houses are running out of ideas and so many more fresh, new games are coming out for the Wii U instead.

Even Nintendo itself seems to be focusing more on the Wii U rather than the original Wii console. With the promotion of staple house games- such as Super Mario Bros, Pikmin and Zelda already being rolled out by the Big N- it’s almost certain that the console is looking for a release to the general public, and soon. But like always, Nintendo is keeping the date very close to their chest until their major press conference on September 13th in New York City. Maybe at that point, we shall actually know for certain the date of the fabled machine.

A Christmas release for Nintendo would spell nothing but financial lottery for the company. With the Wii U, they beat out both the Microsoft XBox 360 and the Sony Playstation 3 for the bulk of the public sales. They jumped the gun and beat the other companies to the punch with the motion control hardware- which without the Wii would seriously have been nothing special. They tapped into the previously-unclaimed social market with this console, enabling groups of people such as schools and retirement homes to play games like bowling and tennis. Can Nintendo do this again or are they going to attempt to climb the ladder of gaming once again? Aiming for the dizzying heights of console gaming?

Who knows? Watch this space and let’s see what Nintendo says…

PAX Prime 2012: Gum Chewing Breaks World Record

Fans of Kirby take notice.

A week ago, Nintendo had planned to break the Guinness World Record of simultaneous chewing gum bubbles being blown at the same time. So on Sunday 1st September 2012 at PAX Prime in Seattle, WA-  Nintendo did just that. No one expected the Big N to pile in more than 304 people to a gaming convention for the sole purpose of gum chewing. So when the entertainment giant did exactly that and the record was broken, 536 happy gum-chomping people people in candy pink t-shirts piled in to be part of the world record-breaking attempt.

The event was to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Kirby franchise and if you’ve had a long day at work, the rather happy press release will cheer you up.

“Nintendo fans found a spectacular way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the iconic Kirby™ video game character. On Sept. 1 at the PAX Prime conference in Seattle, 536 attendees gathered together and set a new Guinness World Records® achievement for the most people blowing a chewing gum bubble simultaneously. Participants had fun blowing bubbles that resembled the round, pink Kirby and helped Nintendo of America celebrate, after a representative from Guinness World Records confirmed the official record-setting count.

The new world record added to the growing excitement about Kirby at PAX Prime, where attendees had an early chance to experience Kirby’s Dream Collection: Special Edition for the Wii™ system. Launching Sept. 16, this commemorative game collection includes six classic Kirby games on one disc, plus a commemorative booklet, a music CD and an interactive timeline that gives players a fun way to explore Kirby’s colorful history. Since debuting in 1992, Kirby has starred in 22 video games that collectively have sold more than 33 million units worldwide. His distinctive appearance and unique ability to inhale enemies and copy their abilities have made him a fan favorite for two decades.

“Kirby is no ordinary character, so it’s not a surprise that his fans would go to extraordinary lengths to mark his 20th anniversary,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “Nintendo is proud to have such a dedicated and enthusiastic following. Between this new world record and the upcoming launch of Kirby’s Dream Collection: Special Edition, it’s turning out to be one heck of an anniversary party.”

According to Guinness World Records, the previous record was 304 participants, achieved by Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Oct. 27, 2010. Participants in the Kirby-themed record attempt were instructed to chew their gum for at least one minute and then blow and hold bubbles for 30 seconds.”

For more information about Kirby’s Dream Collection: Special Edition, visit http://kirby.nintendo.com/dreamcollection.

Game Party Champions

Game Party Champions | Available: Holiday/Christmas 2012
Wii U | Publisher: Warner Bros. | Developer: Phosphor Games

If you’re after a new family-based game for the Christmas season - look no further than this gem of a game! Being released on the brand new Nintendo Wii U console, it’s a game like the Hasbro Game Night and Wii Sports- and if you’re a fan of those, then this really will be up your street too.

The latest itiration of the enormously popular Game Party franchise, it offers players new ways to compete in arcade, sports and party games. With the brand-new controls of the Wii U GamePad, it enables to players to control the game and give players of all skill a challenging gaming experience. With the sharp, eye-opening HD graphics players can compete in games such as ping pong, table hockey and hoop shoot.

Controlling the game through the GamePad means that players can tilt, turn and swipe the touchscreen to give a fun gaming experience. Modes of play include Quick Play, Story Mode and Party Mode. The first is for the single player that just wants to pick up the game and give it a go. The second enables players to outplay each other and prove that they’re the ‘World Champion’. In Party Mode, players can see if they’re the World Champion using the Wii U GamePad and the others in the party use the Wii Remote to cause havoc on the players game and see if they can make them lose- so concentration is key!

WWE Money in the Bank 2012 Live Chat Presented by Because Wrestling - Sunday at 7:30p ET!

It’s just around the corner, but it’s time once again for our live PPV chat event! This time, we’re bringing you WWE Money in the Bank, coming to you live! It all begins at 7:30p ET with the Money in the Bank pre-game show! Check out the card and join the event below!

WWE Championship:
CM Punk (c) vs. Daniel Bryan (feat. AJ as Special Guest Referee)

World Heavyweight Championship:
Sheamus (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio

WWE Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
John Cena vs. Kane vs. Big Show vs. Chris Jericho

World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Dolph Ziggler vs. Christian vs. Tensai vs. Santino vs. Damien Sandow vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes

Pre-Show Event:
R-Truth and Kofi Kingston vs. Hunico and Camacho

GKick Review: London 2012

London 2012 | Available Now
PC, PS3, Xbox 360 | Publisher: SEGA | Developer: Sega Studios Australia

Every two years, like clockwork, the latest in Olympic multi-sport titles is pushed onto the market ahead of the year’s Games. Most of the time, these titles are often lackluster at best, obviously forced out as a quick cash grab before the Olympics start. But every now and then, a really well done game slips through the cracks. Is London 2012 one of those games? Well, you’ll just have to find out.

The first thing worth noting is that the game is presented extremely well. It retains all of the styles and visual elements - for better or worse - of the London 2012 Olympics and does a great job at rendering not only the athletes but also the venues. But visual elements aside, the one major thing that London 2012 gets right is the design and playability of the minigames.

London 2012 packs in 31 events spanning the most game-worthy options at the Olympics. The design of these events breaks a typical misstep that many Olympic games fall into where the controls are either bad or frustrating and make the whole experience dismal. Sega Australia did a fine job at making the game controls extremely easy to learn while also requiring time to perfect in order to get the best results.

As I mentioned before, the presentation is also excellent. Beyond the graphics, the in-game announcers, the medal ceremonies, and even in-game replays all come together to create a very charming entry into the pantheon of Olympic video games. While some of the events are a little too easy and some are a bit unforgiving in their controls, it seems that overall it does a fine job.

Nintendo 3DS At Comic-Con 2012

As we know, the brand-new Nintendo 3DS XL will be on sale before we know it- are you planning on buying one? I’m not as I find the console too big for my teeny little hands and spindly fingers. The XL version of the Nintendo handheld (both DS and 3DS) I’ve never purchased but for those of you that have- you are in for a treat with the new games coming out.

It’s Comic-Con from the 12th to the 15th July 2012 and Nintendo have shown up with  the goods once again. There’s more games being showcased for the the 3DS than anything else but there’s still quite a hefty list for the three Nintendo consoles. From New Super Mario Bros 2 and Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon for the 3DS to Kirby’s Dream Collection for the Wii. There’s sadly no Wii U presence, so no Super Mario Bros Wii U to play for those of you attending the con. But without further ado, here’s both the press release fresh from Comic-Con and the list of games Nintendo shall be showing off.

Nintendo News: Nintendo Reveals Comic-Con 2012 Lineup, Including Nintendo 3DS XL

Comic-Con 2012
REDMOND, Wash.-(BUSINESS WIRE)— At this year’s Comic-Con International 2012 event taking place July 12-15 at the San Diego Convention Center, members of the general public will enjoy an early chance to get their hands on Nintendo 3DS XL, a new version of the Nintendo 3DS system with 90 percent larger screens that launches Aug. 19.

In addition to Nintendo’s booth at the show (#5135), multiple activities will take place at a special Nintendo Gaming Lounge in the San Diego Ballroom at the Marriott Marquis & Marina at 333 W. Harbor Drive, adjacent to the San Diego Convention Center. A Comic-Con badge is not required to gain entry to the Nintendo Gaming Lounge.

Games that are scheduled to be playable at the Nintendo Gaming Lounge include:

Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS XL

New Super Mario Bros. 2
Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon
Kid Icarus: Uprising
Mario Kart 7
Super Mario 3D Land
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate (Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.)
HEROES OF RUIN (Square Enix)
KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance] (Square Enix)
LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)

Nintendo DS family

Pokémon Conquest


Kirby’s Dream Collection: Special Edition
Just Dance 4 (Ubisoft)

Pokemon Black/White 2 Release Date!

Looking through my various Nintendo sources, I must have missed this but there is now an actual release date for Pokemon Black/White 2! No, I am not kidding!

After hearing about how many copies it has managed to move in Japan (2 million and rising!) it is going to be heading towards the UK and the US, but sadly not soon enough for my liking. I’ve seen no gameplay with my own eyes so I have no clue as to whether the game actually will be in 3D but I do await with baited breath though. Are you eager to see what the game entails? Oh me too. I have no shame. I adore Pokemon games, I’ve played every single one of them and they just seem to be coming out with new bits and pieces for the games each time. From colour graphics to updated battle mechanics and pedometers in the shape of a Pokeball- who knows what they have planned next?

Actually, according to the trailer- we can now make our very own Pokemon movies now. And go to Burbank…does this mean we go on a pilgrimage to California? Seems odd to me when the core idea about the Pokemon is ‘Gotta Get ‘Em All!’. You’ll get to battle Pokemon from every game too so we get to see the oldies again like Pikachu, Squirtle and even the oddball Psyduck. So the core idea is still there, but I’m still confused about the movie making and trip to Burbank. Well, I hope it explains itself in the game.

The release date for the US is October 7th 2012 and in the UK, the game will be released October 12th 2012. Get in line! :)