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The Pixelated ‘Didn’t Play It’ Review: Madden NFL 12

EA Sports has delivered their latest in the annual Madden NFL series and this year’s title doesn’t disappoint. Featuring Akron Pros star Jim Thorpe on the cover, the game features all the great teams of the new league like the Muncie Flyers, the Canton Bulldogs, the Columbus Panhandles and the Rock Island Independents. 

Gaming industry hit hard by shortage of pixels

Companies such as EA, Valve, Activision and even smaller independent studios like Team Meat and Uber Entertainment have expressed their concerns with the recent “pixel shortage” threatening the development of future titles.

Peter Molyneux announces, apologizes for ‘revolutionary new title’

Game icon Peter Molyneux held a major press conference earlier today where he revealed a product he called the ‘most revolutionary video game I’ve ever been a part of’. Molyneux then proceeded to apologize for the game’s shortcomings immediately thereafter.


Sony to introduce online pass, faerie sacrifice for all future games

In order to combat the growing used game market, Sony has announced earlier this week that they will require the use of ‘Online Passes’ - one-use codes for new copies of games that allow them to access multiplayer modes - and a mandatory faerie sacrifice for all future releases.

WWE ’12 to highlight massive roster change, only Triple H

In light of the developments from this past Monday’s episode of WWE Raw, the developers of the upcoming title WWE 12, THQ, have announced that they will make the necessary roster adjustments in time for the game’s release. For those who missed it, the entire WWE roster walked out on current storyline Chief Operating Officer Triple H, leaving him as the sole roster member. Therefore, THQ will reskin and re-assign all models to reflect this change.

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Battlefield 3 demo revealed to be Modern Warfare 2

It’s been a challenging month for EA, publishers of the highly anticipated Battlefield 3. After challenging reception of the game’s recent public beta, it was recently discovered that the game is actually just a slightly re-packaged version of Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Apple Store Genius Bars to now be staffed exclusively by PC fanboys

In a recent cost-cutting measure, Apple announced that they would be replacing all of the Apple-certified Mac technicians at their in-store Genius Bars with unpaid Microsoft and PC fanboys.

George Lucas to start ‘improving’ other directors’ films

After the controversial edits made to the Blu-ray release of the Star Wars Saga, George Lucas has announced that he has plans to make some significant improvements not only to his other films American Graffiti and THX-1138, but also to the works of other directors.

OnLive to offer streaming PC operating systems featuring ‘authentic Blue Screens’

OnLive, the company behind a revolutionary new concept of cloud gaming, has announced their plans to expand on the market of not only streaming video games but also streaming actual operating systems.

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