EA, Sony, other publishers start altering Terms of Use agreements ‘just to see what we can get away with’

With recent news of Sony and Electronic Arts altering their Terms of Use agreements to prevent users from filing lawsuits against them, especially in light of the major outage and security issues of late, other software companies are starting to test the waters to see what kind of stuff they can sneak into their own Terms of Use agreements.

Trion Worlds, the company behind the Rift MMO, has said they might toy with the idea of including a requirement for all customers to speak to cancellation representatives in Latin in order to request termination of their recurring service charges. Blizzard Entertainment also invoked a similar change, requiring customers to quack like a duck three times at the end of each sentence in order to cancel or suspend service.

America Online has gone the extra mile, including a stipulation that states that ‘if you choose to cancel your AOL service, this will be seen as a request to renew your monthly dial-up service charges’. AOL Chairman and CEO Tim Armstrong commented “It’s been a very positive move for business so far. We don’t have many dial-up users left but the ones we do are now customers of our product forever. Or, well, at least as long as we can afford to provide service, so we’re good for another year or two.”

EA and Sony have since announced additional changes to their account agreements, demanding all users who request support on their software titles must pay the full value of the game a second time per support call or in the case of online support, per written paragraph. A press release from EA clarified, “We may go to a per-word payment structure next year. Don’t play us.”

A rep for Sony stated “Come at me, bro.”

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