BlizzCon 2011: StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm will have deliberate programming bugs ‘to increase realism’


Our coverage of BlizzCon 2011 continues with more news coming out regarding the company’s hit StarCraft 2 franchise and the upcoming ‘Heart of the Swarm’ expansion. In Heart of the Swarm, the single-player campaign and developments will be focused on the Zerg faction. As Lead Designer on StarCraft II Dustin Browder announced, the company was taking big strides to increase immersiveness by featuring deliberate software ‘bugs’.

“We know the focus on strategy and units and everything is very important and key to our highly competitive fan base across the world,” Browder said. “But we can’t ignore the immersion of the game world just for the sake of competitive ‘board game’ style play. Therefore, since this game’s focus was on the alien Zerg race, we figured what better way to increase realism and immersion then to deliberately program in or ignore actual software bugs in the game?”

‘Bugs’ or ‘glitches’ are elements of the game that are typically not deliberately left in a game but may cause visual, control, audio or any other technical issue. Usually, these bugs are discovered and removed during testing or post-release play, but with the company’s focus on immersion, future patches may end up including new and “exciting” bugs to the game.

“You can try the new StarCraft II on the show room floor right now,” Browder said. “The game will feature a few of the bugs we’ve included, such as intermittant mouse disabling, units getting stuck in the field, complete game crashes, and a lot more surprises, so we encourage you to head on over and check it out.”

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm is estimated for release sometime in 2012. Or next week, really. Does it matter?

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