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Apple tech accidentally leaves prototype iPhone, iPad, 27″ iMac, Mac Book in bar

After the dramatic debacle last year when technology blog Gizmodo was sold a prototype of the iPhone 4 that was lost in a bar in Redwood City, CA, followed by another prototype iPhone having been recovered at a bar back in August, it seems that Apple’s engineers are at it again. An unnamed technician at [...]

Apple Store Genius Bars to now be staffed exclusively by PC fanboys

In a recent cost-cutting measure, Apple announced that they would be replacing all of the Apple-certified Mac technicians at their in-store Genius Bars with unpaid Microsoft and PC fanboys.

George Lucas to start ‘improving’ other directors’ films

After the controversial edits made to the Blu-ray release of the Star Wars Saga, George Lucas has announced that he has plans to make some significant improvements not only to his other films American Graffiti and THX-1138, but also to the works of other directors.

OnLive to offer streaming PC operating systems featuring ‘authentic Blue Screens’

OnLive, the company behind a revolutionary new concept of cloud gaming, has announced their plans to expand on the market of not only streaming video games but also streaming actual operating systems.

Leaked Comcast memo reveals plans if Net Neutrality rules failed; ‘only’

When the final, controvercial Net Neutrality rules went into effect, it was revealed that Comcast had a contingency plan. Just in case the rules did not get added and they were able to regular their own internet traffic, they had already planned some strict restrictions for Comcast subscribers. The first part of the plan?

Netflix announces plans to split Qwikster service into two companies

Just weeks after announcing that the DVD-by-mail division of their company would henceforth be known as Qwikster and would start offering video game rentals in addition to DVDs, the company has already revealed plans to split the new entity even further, by splitting the DVD-by-mail and games-by-mail into two completely separate companies.

Leaked Facebook docs reveal a full week of planned layout changes

Exposed by an anonymous tipster, it was recently revealed that the social media giant Facebook was allegedly planning a full week of radical layout changes to, involving using even more elements from other social media sites up to and including a full day in which the site’s address would just redirect to Twitter.

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