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Printing error results in first batch of ‘PlayStation Pita’ packaging, contents

Well ahead of the game’s December release in Japan, it appears that a major printing error and a bit of mis-communication have resulted in the first run of boxes for Sony’s newest portable console not only incorrectly printed as the “PlayStation Pita” but also somehow filled with between two and three pieces of pita bread [...]


New PlayStation 4 rumored to have no backwards, forwards compatibility

Early speculation on Sony’s next generation console, tentatively titled the “PlayStation 4″, is that the console will not only not feature any backwards compatibility with PS1, PS2 or PS3 titles but it will also not have any compatibility with any PlayStation 4 games either.

Gaming industry hit hard by shortage of pixels

Companies such as EA, Valve, Activision and even smaller independent studios like Team Meat and Uber Entertainment have expressed their concerns with the recent “pixel shortage” threatening the development of future titles.

Peter Molyneux announces, apologizes for ‘revolutionary new title’

Game icon Peter Molyneux held a major press conference earlier today where he revealed a product he called the ‘most revolutionary video game I’ve ever been a part of’. Molyneux then proceeded to apologize for the game’s shortcomings immediately thereafter.


Sony to introduce online pass, faerie sacrifice for all future games

In order to combat the growing used game market, Sony has announced earlier this week that they will require the use of ‘Online Passes’ - one-use codes for new copies of games that allow them to access multiplayer modes - and a mandatory faerie sacrifice for all future releases.

Apple Store Genius Bars to now be staffed exclusively by PC fanboys

In a recent cost-cutting measure, Apple announced that they would be replacing all of the Apple-certified Mac technicians at their in-store Genius Bars with unpaid Microsoft and PC fanboys.

EA, Sony, other publishers start altering Terms of Use agreements ‘just to see what we can get away with’

With recent news of Sony and Electronic Arts altering their Terms of Use agreements to prevent users from filing lawsuits against them, especially in light of the major outage and security issues of late, other software companies are starting to test the waters to see what kind of stuff they can sneak into their own [...]

Bethesda files lawsuit against hundreds of publishers, claims copyright of word ‘The’

After making news for threatening legal action against Minecraft developer Mojang Specifications over their use of the word “Scrolls”, Bethesda Softworks is at it again. Taking it a step further, Bethesda has now launched a massive legal action against hundreds of named game publishers, developers and even individuals in the industry, claiming copyright use of [...]

Harmonix to announce new venture into FPS genre, ‘all played by guitar’ says CEO

Developers of the wildly popular Rock Band series of games as well as the original developer of the Guitar Hero titles which spawned the music game fad, Harmonix Music Systems is now shifting focus and has announced that they have begun development on a new property that they claim will be “a little outside their [...]

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