WWE ’12 to highlight massive roster change, only Triple H

In light of the developments from this past Monday’s episode of WWE Raw, the developers of the upcoming title WWE 12, THQ, have announced that they will make the necessary roster adjustments in time for the game’s release. For those who missed it, the entire WWE roster walked out on current storyline Chief Operating Officer Triple H, leaving him as the sole roster member. Therefore, THQ will reskin and re-assign all models to reflect this change.

“We’re making every model in the game Triple H,” said Cory Ledesma, Creative Director for WWE 12 at THQ. “From the ring announcer to the referee to all of the Divas and Superstars.”

When asked if the only playable character would be Triple H, Ledesma clarified. “Well, we tested that initially but found that it was much more fun to just re-skin all of the existing models. We swapped out the TitanTron videos [the videos displayed during a wrestler's entrance - Ed.], the graphic overlays, the music and v/o tracks with Triple H’s appropriate files, but we left all of the model animations intact. So when you pick, let’s say, the spot where John Cena used to be or Randy Orton, you’d get Triple H but performing all of the motions of Cena or Orton.”

When reached for comment, Triple H said he was disappointed with the WWE locker room’s reaction but glad to see things moving forward. “We can’t be stuck in the past,” Triple H said. “The company is evolving so our products need to evolve with it. In fact, I’m headed down to THQ headquarters right now to record my announcer lines. I’m really excited.” Before we could continue our interview, Triple H spat his coffee into the air and we were quickly escorted from the building for our own protection.

Rumors that the game will be re-branded as WWE HHH ’12 are unconfirmed and THQ nor WWE had any comment on that matter. Regardless of the name, expect to see it on store shelves November 22nd, 2011.

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