Sony to introduce online pass, faerie sacrifice for all future games


In order to combat the growing used game market, Sony has announced earlier this week that they will require the use of ‘Online Passes’ - one-use codes for new copies of games that allow them to access multiplayer modes - and a mandatory faerie sacrifice for all future releases.

“We want to reward the gamers who trust in Sony’s titles on release with free access to our multiplayer modes in any new games they purchase from us,” said Sony Computer Entertainment President Tack Tretton. “We feel that the Online Pass feature gives these fans immediate access to online multiplayer modes, and by requiring the sacrifice of no more than three woodland faeries in order to gain online access along with the pass, this shouldn’t be a problem for customers who purchase new or pre-owned.”

A press release by SCEA detailed the program in its entirety:

- All future new titles released by Sony will require redemption of an Online Pass code for multiplayer access. This code can only be redeemed once per account.
- All future titles released by Sony will also require the sacrifice of between 1-3 woodland faeries in the name of the mighty Cthulhu.
- All new packaged games will include the Online Pass code and up to three freeze-dried faeries to complete the sacrifice.
- If the title is purchased used/pre-owned and the code is redeemed and the faeries sacrificed, users must purchase a new Online Pass code and request shipment of the necessary faeries. The user’s own captured woodland faeries will also be acceptable, if sacrificed to the great and powerful Cthulhu.

Other companies are also choosing to expand their used title online access requirements. Ubisoft will ask for the blood of a first-born son in addition to the online pass code starting later next year; THQ will begin this Summer requiring the heads of bridge trolls (no more than two per title), and EA Sports will expand on their current online pass program and demand the eyes of a neut.

Some spectators say this new trend is a recipe for disaster while others say it is the recipe for a murderous elixir. Only time will tell, though we can report that Sony recently ordered three large cauldrons to their company headquarters in Foster City, California.

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