Printing error results in first batch of ‘PlayStation Pita’ packaging, contents


Well ahead of the game’s December release in Japan, it appears that a major printing error and a bit of mis-communication have resulted in the first run of boxes for Sony’s newest portable console not only incorrectly printed as the “PlayStation Pita” but also somehow filled with between two and three pieces of pita bread per box. 

“Due to a recent manufacturing defect, the first run of our new PlayStation Vita console scheduled for release in Japan on December 17th resulted in several thousand packages incorrectly labeled and incorrectly filled with the improper product,” read a Sony press release. “Though we are not expecting any delays in our release schedule, we do anticipate that our initial run of product for the Japanese market may be slightly lower than anticipated. We cannot confirm at this time but we will release more information as it becomes available.”

The company clarified that the misprinted boxes and product will not go to waste. The company has announced a special promotion for Japanese sandwich shops to celebrate the release of the Vita, selling the product as special “PlayStation Pita sandwiches” across the country leading up to the mid-December release.

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