Notch to rename ‘Minecraft’ before Nov. launch to ‘ScrollsScrollsFuckyouScrollsScrolls’


Game developer Notch, the man in charge of Mojang Specifications, the company behind the incredibly popular game Minecraft, announced earlier today that ahead of the game’s November 11th official release of their hit open-world game, the title would be renamed in what some people see as a subtle dig to Bethesda Entertainment. The new title of Minecraft: “ScrollsScrollsFuckyouScrollsScrolls”.

Bethesda made headlines when the company threatened - and then proceeded with - legal action against the independent developer over one of Mojang’s titles in development called “Scrolls” and Notch has been extremely vocal via his Twitter account regarding the proceedings as well as very open with all of the legal information being exchanged. The name change, however, was a surprise even to other employees of Mojang.

“Considering the time we’ve put into developing the Minecraft brand, this is sort of a surprise,” said Jens Bergensten, game developer at Mojang. “I understand how Notch feels about the situation so far, I almost think it may be counter-intuitive though.”

“I take a lot of pride in the fan base and recognition we cultivated with the Minecraft product,” Notch wrote on his Twitter account. “But I still feel that our fans won’t abandon us because of the game’s name. Plus if anyone has a problem with asking for the game by name, just ask for Scrolls. I’m sure no one will be confused!” He then added a wide-grinning smiley face.

Bethesda had no comment and referred us to their legal council who also had no comment as of press time, though speculation is that the Skyrim developer will ask for an injunction to halt release of the game using the new title. Public reaction to the new title is mixed, as it seems the subtleties of the new name are overlooked. Most comments on Twitter and other social media platforms seemed to express greater concern that they had changed the name at all but not at the jab toward Bethesda.

“Just seems strange that they’d rename a game so late in the development cycle,” said one Twitter user. “Not only that, but what a weird name.”

“I totally get it,” commented another reader. When pressed to explain what the joke was, the reader said “I’m not going to say it if you don’t get it.” Clearly, he didn’t get it either.

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