EA to release literal sandbox game


In keeping with the tradition of titles such as SimCity, Spore, The Sims and other open-ended titles, EA has announced that developer Will Wright’s latest project for the company will be a literal sandbox game in which users will essentially play in a virtual sandbox.

“We’ve used this classification for such a long time,” Wright said. “It just made sense that we actually release a game that lives up to the literal sense of the word. We just put players right in the middle of a sandbox and give them free reign to dig holes, use army men, bury stuff… You name it.”

Wright went on to mention other features would include online multiplayer in a shared sandbox mode for up to four people for co-op sandboxing. EA also explained in a press release that they already had agreements established with Tonka trucks, Matchbox cars, GI Joe and Barbie to include their products’ likeness in the game for use in the sandbox. Future expansions may increase the amount of licensed content, as well.

“We think the sand engine in Sandbocks [the game's working title] is pretty innovative, too,” Wright explained. “Users with Phys-X cards will really see the individual granulation effects that we put in. It’s especially fun in bully mode when you’re filling some loser’s mouth up with a little plastic shovel.”

EA’s Sandbocks [working title] is scheduled for release in early 2013.

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