BlizzCon 2011: New World of Warcraft expansion announced, ‘Fog of Carealot’


At this year’s BlizzCon in Anaheim, California, the company’s Vice President of Creative and Sunglasses Chris Metzen announced the latest expansion for their hit title, World of Warcraft entitled ‘Fog of Carealot’.

“We felt this was a great time to join forces with another strong IP,” Metzen said after the opening ceremony announcement. “What better IP than the Care Bears? Plus, the land of Carealot gives us a lot of rich lore, incredible vistas and outstanding creatures - such as the Care Bear Cousins - that we can introduce to the World of Warcraft.”

When asked how the company plans to integrate such a distinctly unique IP into their existing lore, Metzen explained that Carealot “has always been a part of Azeroth”

“Ever since the Sundering, back when the world was originally broken in two, Carealot has been hidden behind the fog of time. It’s only when a Gnome and Goblin air-battle goes out of control that the Horde and Alliance find themselves in the clouds of Carealot.”

Fog of Carealot will include a brand new playable race, the Care Bears, and a new playable Class, the E’zmode. Carealot will be the expansion’s focused land and will be split into five zones which max level players can progress through on the road to level 90. “Plus,” Metzen elaborated. “People have been saying our game is cartoony and appeals to ‘care bears’ for years, so we felt this was the natural path to take.”

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