BlizzCon 2011: Diablo 3 will be released on consoles, SNES and Genesis


At Blizzard’s annual gaming convention, BlizzCon, the company announced that their plans to release their highly-anticipated title Diablo III on consoles in late 2012. The consoles already announced include the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and Nintendo Game Boy.

“We knew that if we did a console version of Diablo III, it had to be much more than just a port,” said Game Designer Jay Wilson. “We wanted to make it so the console controls would be unique and work in the Diablo design, so we will be building the console versions of Diablo III from the ground up. Work has already begun and we expect to be able to release the title for the two major 16-bit consoles by the end of next year.”

Diablo III is currently penciled in for a Q4 2012 release on the major consoles with a mobile port for Game Boy, Palm Pilot and the Apple Newton coming early 2013.

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