Battlefield 3 demo revealed to be Modern Warfare 2


It’s been a challenging month for EA, publishers of the highly anticipated Battlefield 3. After challenging reception of the game’s recent public beta, it was recently discovered that the game is actually just a slightly re-packaged version of Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

The first person to discover this was gamer Theodore Hawkins who comments on the GameFAQs message boards under the username “Hawkynz1995″ and he wrote, “I’ve already logged nearly 100 hours of game time on the BF3 beta and something looks a little funny. Turns out, when I went to play it yesterday, I accidentally popped in my [Modern Warfare 3] disc and was playing that for about 8 hours. I couldn’t tell the difference! Guys, I think this is the same game.”

Though Hawkins concerns were almost immediately shouted down by other commenters referring to him as a “COD fanboy” and a “lame n00b”, EA later revealed that Hawkins discovery was actually correct.

“To be honest, we didn’t think anyone would notice,” said Patrick Bach, Executive Producer of Battlefield 3. “Truth be told, we’ve been releasing the same game since the first Battlefield, we just re-skinned it a few times. Initial internal playtesting made us think people were suspicious of that, so we went ahead and just stuck a new title screen on the Modern Warfare 3 game and threw it out there. I mean, heck, it’s all the same dingy grey and tan color scheme with modern weaponry and multiplayer anyway, right?”

When reached for comment, Activision informed us that they had no formal announcement at this time aside from “no big surprise”. The company revealed they would be holding a press conference Wednesday evening to discuss the news.

As for EA, they said the product launch will continue on schedule. “No one will probably read about this anyway,” Bach said. “Most people just want to shoot other people in the face in war video games on Xbox or PS3. Heck, I’m pretty sure Modern Warfare 2 is just Modern Warfare 1.”

Activision had no comment.

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