Apple tech accidentally leaves prototype iPhone, iPad, 27″ iMac, Mac Book in bar


After the dramatic debacle last year when technology blog Gizmodo was sold a prototype of the iPhone 4 that was lost in a bar in Redwood City, CA, followed by another prototype iPhone having been recovered at a bar back in August, it seems that Apple’s engineers are at it again. An unnamed technician at Apple is being blamed for the loss of several prototype Apple products left at the Bloodhound bar in San Francisco earlier this week. 

According to the bar, the employee left a new prototype iPhone, iPad, a 27″ iMac computer including a revolutionary new keyboard and mouse design, as well as a 17″ Macbook Pro near the stool he was sitting on at the time. The devices were recovered by employees of the bar and news of the findings was immediately broken via the bar’s Twitter account including several pictures of the hardware.

“Amazing stuff left behind by some Apple emp,” read @bloodhoundsf on Twitter. “New iphone, ipad, couple computers. Pix incoming.”

The bar confirmed that representatives from Apple contacted them several days ago and that the prototype hardware had been returned to the computer maker, but the damage appears to have been done. When reached for contact, Apple refused comment but an unnamed source at the company gave us this message.

“This is just getting stupid,” the source told us. “Why the hell are we letting employees walk out of the building and go to bars with prototype equipment anyway? We’re so damn secretive when it comes to development and we always have a really careful release and reveal schedule, so why do we even bother? Is this necessary? I don’t think this is necessary. And why the fuck did he walk out with a god damn iMac? To a bar? Are you kidding me?”

Management at the Bloodhound bar had no additional comments.

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