Zynga announces new ‘Mafia Farm’ game for Facebook

Zynga, Inc., the worldwide leader in casual gaming and Facebook game properties, announced today the upcoming release of their latest property which merges elements of their popular organized crime game Mafia Wars with their hit farming simulation title FarmVille into a game that they say will “combine elements of action, danger and excitement, all while managing a crop of pumpkins.”

“We want players to feel the rush of dodging gunfire, stealing drugs and becoming a huge crime lord while at the same time not letting their crop of strawberries wither,” said Zynga CEO Mark Pincus. “We feel that Mafia Farm really brings these two properties together in new, exciting and profitable ways.”

Powered by microtransactions, players will be able to use Facebook Points in Mafia Farm to purchase more energy, faster crop growth time, more profitable crops, more deadly weapons and even a special item, the Gourdfather.

“The Gourdfather will need to be carefully maintained over several days, but when it finally grows – WATCH THE F**K OUT!”, Pincus exclaimed as he shoved the papers off his desk.

When harvested, the Gourdfather can be either sold on the Facebook Classifieds section for actual laundered money or used against rival gangs for a significant bonus to damage and defense. Players can also ask it for a favor, but only once a year and only if you have the Gourdfather’s Daughter item (available for 100 Facebook Points).

“F**K YEAH I’M SO RICH,” Pincus again shouted, leaping on his desk and kicking an intern square in the jaw.

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