Sony to bring down PlayStation Network for 7-day ‘Retro Week’

Sony announced earlier today that they are planning to bring their PlayStation Network online gaming network down for 7 days in a promotion they’re calling “Retro Week.” During this time, all access to online gaming and the PlayStation Store, as well as all other features of the popular online gaming community, will be unavailable.

“We wanted to harken back to the days when you couldn’t get on PSN,” said Sony Vice President of Network Integrity Kevin Butler. “It was a really good time for our brand because you couldn’t turn your head without seeing ‘PlayStation’ in the news. It was exciting and we feel that Retro Week will help rekindle that excitement.”

The company took to social networking to spread the message, posting to their Twitter account @PlayStation about the upcoming break in service. So far, feedback has been pretty well received.

“I love it when you guys do this,” tweeted @HipsterNerd34. “I can’t wait to have some time with my family. I think my mom misses me.”

“Sounds awesome,” said  a tweet from a user named @SexxiBunnyy. “I always wondered what the single player mode looked like in Black Ops.”

Another commenter, @JoshWilkes544324342242 wrote: “cLiCk HeRe To WiN a FrEe PlAyStAtIoN!!!!~!”

Sony plans to feature more ‘Retro Weeks’ going forward, including a week of selling PlayStation consoles for $600, stealing PSN user’s credit card information, and a week dedicated to the long-forgotten peripheral, the PlayStation Move.

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