Harmonix to announce new venture into FPS genre, ‘all played by guitar’ says CEO

Developers of the wildly popular Rock Band series of games as well as the original developer of the Guitar Hero titles which spawned the music game fad, Harmonix Music Systems is now shifting focus and has announced that they have begun development on a new property that they claim will be “a little outside their comfort zone,” according to Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos.

“We’ve been a music game company since, well, forever,” he said. “And ever since the oversaturation of music games, people have been looking for something a little unique. Sure, first-person shooters might not be unique, but they are for us.”

Rigopulos also explained how the company would be doing something unique to capture a different audience of FPS gamers. “We’ve decided that our games should have at least one consistent element, and that element will be the controllers. Therefore, this new IP and all future releases from Harmonix will allow gamers to use the guitar and drum peripherals that they’ve already invested in.

“We respect the cost of these controllers,” he continued as he kicked his feet up on the desk and idly strummed away at a plastic Fender Stratocaster. “We know that gamers put a lot of money year after year into getting the latest and greatest guitar and drum controllers. Even the keyboard, I heard someone bought that too. So we want to respect that investment and design our games around those controllers. Especially the guitar. Guitars are pretty sweet.”

The to-be-announced FPS has not been given many details yet, at least not any that the company is willing to divulge. Rigopulos did offer one bit of information.

“Let’s just say that in our next game, you really can finger A Minor without breaking your G string.”

Rigopulos then screamed “YEAAAAH!”, played a pretend solo on the plastic Stratocaster while making the guitar noises with his mouth, then smashed the guitar with an overhand swing on his office floor.

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