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Zynga announces new ‘Mafia Farm’ game for Facebook

Zynga, Inc., the worldwide leader in casual gaming and Facebook game properties, announced today the upcoming release of their latest property which merges elements of their popular organized crime game Mafia Wars with their hit farming simulation title FarmVille into a game that they say will “combine elements of action, danger and excitement, all while [...]

Harmonix to announce new venture into FPS genre, ‘all played by guitar’ says CEO

Developers of the wildly popular Rock Band series of games as well as the original developer of the Guitar Hero titles which spawned the music game fad, Harmonix Music Systems is now shifting focus and has announced that they have begun development on a new property that they claim will be “a little outside their [...]

What if Diablo III were a sandwich?

When GameSpy investigated the question “Should Diablo III have been first person?”, it got us wondering about other anomolies in the space-time continuum. So we started to pose the ‘what if’ questions that needed to be asked.

Netflix announces plans to split Qwikster service into two companies

Just weeks after announcing that the DVD-by-mail division of their company would henceforth be known as Qwikster and would start offering video game rentals in addition to DVDs, the company has already revealed plans to split the new entity even further, by splitting the DVD-by-mail and games-by-mail into two completely separate companies.

Blizzard Entertainment to start selling live pets for charity

In a press release made available earlier this morning, Blizzard Entertainment revealed their next charity drive in order to raise money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation: live pets.

Blizzard reveals new “Steel Thong” armor set variation

Blizzard Entertainment has released the first previews of the new collections of armor that will be made available in an upcoming patch for their hit World of Warcraft MMO. These new sets of armor, entitled Tier 13, are cohesively designed collections that will give players increased strength to core abilities and have distinct looks from [...]

Epic Games upset with perfect review scores for ‘Gears of War 3′

Cliff Bleszinski, known affectionately as CliffyB and as the design director for Epic Games, expressed concerns with review scores for his company’s latest release, Gears of War 3.

Leaked Facebook docs reveal a full week of planned layout changes

Exposed by an anonymous tipster, it was recently revealed that the social media giant Facebook was allegedly planning a full week of radical layout changes to, involving using even more elements from other social media sites up to and including a full day in which the site’s address would just redirect to Twitter.

Sony to bring down PlayStation Network for 7-day ‘Retro Week’

Sony announced earlier today that they are planning to bring their PlayStation Network online gaming network down for 7 days in a promotion they’re calling “Retro Week.” During this time, all access to online gaming and the PlayStation Store, as well as all other features of the popular online gaming community, will be unavailable.

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