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OnLive to offer streaming PC operating systems featuring ‘authentic Blue Screens’

OnLive, the company behind a revolutionary new concept of cloud gaming, has announced their plans to expand on the market of not only streaming video games but also streaming actual operating systems.

EA, Sony, other publishers start altering Terms of Use agreements ‘just to see what we can get away with’

With recent news of Sony and Electronic Arts altering their Terms of Use agreements to prevent users from filing lawsuits against them, especially in light of the major outage and security issues of late, other software companies are starting to test the waters to see what kind of stuff they can sneak into their own [...]

Bethesda files lawsuit against hundreds of publishers, claims copyright of word ‘The’

After making news for threatening legal action against Minecraft developer Mojang Specifications over their use of the word “Scrolls”, Bethesda Softworks is at it again. Taking it a step further, Bethesda has now launched a massive legal action against hundreds of named game publishers, developers and even individuals in the industry, claiming copyright use of [...]

Leaked Comcast memo reveals plans if Net Neutrality rules failed; ‘only’

When the final, controvercial Net Neutrality rules went into effect, it was revealed that Comcast had a contingency plan. Just in case the rules did not get added and they were able to regular their own internet traffic, they had already planned some strict restrictions for Comcast subscribers. The first part of the plan?

Gearbox Software announces follow-up to Duke Nukem Forever


Modern Warfare 3 single-player campaign to feature ‘four rock-solid hours of gameplay’

During yesterday’s earnings call, Activision Blizzard President Bobby Kotick announced some special details on the company’s upcoming first-person shooter, Modern Warfare 3, promising at least four hours of single-player gameplay and story.

Zynga announces new ‘Mafia Farm’ game for Facebook

Zynga, Inc., the worldwide leader in casual gaming and Facebook game properties, announced today the upcoming release of their latest property which merges elements of their popular organized crime game Mafia Wars with their hit farming simulation title FarmVille into a game that they say will “combine elements of action, danger and excitement, all while [...]

Harmonix to announce new venture into FPS genre, ‘all played by guitar’ says CEO

Developers of the wildly popular Rock Band series of games as well as the original developer of the Guitar Hero titles which spawned the music game fad, Harmonix Music Systems is now shifting focus and has announced that they have begun development on a new property that they claim will be “a little outside their [...]

What if Diablo III were a sandwich?

When GameSpy investigated the question “Should Diablo III have been first person?”, it got us wondering about other anomolies in the space-time continuum. So we started to pose the ‘what if’ questions that needed to be asked.

Netflix announces plans to split Qwikster service into two companies

Just weeks after announcing that the DVD-by-mail division of their company would henceforth be known as Qwikster and would start offering video game rentals in addition to DVDs, the company has already revealed plans to split the new entity even further, by splitting the DVD-by-mail and games-by-mail into two completely separate companies.

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