The Global Pet Battle League is a monthly tournament for any World of Warcraft player to determine the best Pet Battler in the world. These players will participate in a single-elimination 64-person tournament for bragging rights and maybe even a little bit more. The rules outlined below dictate how you can register, qualify and participate in the GPBL. Please stay tuned to the official GPBL site for more updates and schedule information.

All applicants to the GPBL must meet the minimum requirements to participate.

- Must have three level 25 pets. No minimum character level required.
- Must be able to enter the neutral zone for tournament battles.
- Must be able to attend all qualifying and tournament matches when scheduled.

If you meet the requirements to participate, you must visit the official GPBL site and fill out the registration form. Members will be notified approximately one week before the start of the tournament as to their status. The official schedule of Qualifying and Tournament matches will be available on the website prior to registration.

Registration will be open ONE MONTH prior to the start of a GPBL Season.

Based on the number of signups, a one-day qualification tournament may be required in order to seed the 64-person tournament bracket. If the total signups exceed 70 people, the qualification tournament will take place. Otherwise, the first 64 players will be seeded and the remaining signups will be invited to wait as Substitutions.

If over 70 signups occur, all players will be invited to a Best-of-3 tournament to decide the final 64 participants in the tournament. All remaining players will be invited as Substitutes.

In the event that signups meet or exceed 100, the qualification tournament may be changed to a Best-of-1 format at the discretion of the Tournament Administrators.

Players who sign up to participate in the GPBL or who qualify in the top 96 of a qualifying tournament will be invited to attend the GPBL Tournament they registered or qualified during as Substitutes. In the event one of the top 64 players does not show or is disqualified prior to the tournament, these members will be invited to take their spot in order of signup or qualifier placement.

For example, the 65th person to register during a GPBL season will be invited first in the event of a no-show. This also applies to the individual who places 65th overall in a qualification tournament. Further replacement invitations will continue from there.

In the event of tied qualification placement, a Tournament Administrator will make the final determination of who will be substituting. This decision is final.

Substitutes will not be used in any match from the Round of 16 onward. A Tournament Administrator may make an exception in this matter depending on when or where a substitute is needed. For example, should a player no-show or be disqualified in the Tournament Finals, the Admin may allow the 3rd Place finisher to take the vacant spot.

The final 64 qualifiers in a Qualification Tournament or the first 64 registrations will be randomly seeded into the 64-person tournament bracket. This bracket will be available here and is hosted by CHALLONGE! for the viewing of all tournament participants and fans.

The location of the monthly GPBL tournament will be determined during the registration stages. The tournament will always take place on a single realm in a pre-determined public location. Players may create Level 1 alts on the venue realm if they do not currently have a regular character on that realm.

The tournament will feature Best-of-3 single elimination matches leading to the Finals which will be a Best-of-5 match.

All tournament matches must take place in the presence of a Tournament Administrator and only they will report final match results.

Players who register with a full six-pet roster will have their registered roster posted on the GPBL website prior to the beginning of the tournament. These are the only pets which participants may use throughout the tournament.

Participants will be able to utilize all members of their registered teams throughout the tournament. If participants register with a full six-pet team, they will be permitted to substitute pets out of their lineup between each battle, including in the middle of a best-of-3 or best-of-5 contest.

It is now a requirement that all participants in the GPBL have installed and enabled the mod Pet Battle Reporter. This mod is used to relay all information regarding the GPBL matches to the administrators in real-time.

In the event a match result is disputed or in the event of a disconnection, a Tournament Administrator will make the final judgment for how the match will proceed. In the event of a hardware or software issue, a Tournament Administrator may approve a re-game. However, abuse of this mechanic may also result in disqualification from the tournament at the judgment of the Admin.

Registration will begin approximately 4 weeks prior to the beginning of the GPBL Tournament and will close one week prior.

Qualification matches will be scheduled approximately 1 week prior to the beginning of the GPBL Tournament.

Final bracket, scheduling and substitution information will be posted on the site 24-48 hours after conclusion of the Qualification Tournament.

FORFEIT: Players MUST be present at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the tournament or qualifying match. Failure to appear will result in a forfeit which will either be an automatic bye to their opponent or result in a substitution.

This is a FIRM 15 minutes and is based off of the official timer located at the official GPBL site. In the event of some technical issues, exceptions may be made if a qualified substitute cannot be found. However, once a player has been substituted, this action is final any cannot be reversed.

Players may be disqualified from the tournament for any of the below reasons, and others that may not be listed below:

- Disrespect toward Tournament Administrators
- Abuse of game mechanics or software
- Abuse of GPBL rules and regulations

Tournament Administrators have the authority to disqualify any player deemed abusive or manipulative throughout the course of the tournament, or for many other reasons.

Appeals may be directed to the GPBL Head Office at

Players in the top 8 positions of any GPBL tournament will receive automatic invitations to participate in the following GPBL season. These players will not need to register or qualify for seeding and may forfeit their invitation at their discretion.

The top three positions of any GPBL tournament will be decided by the Finals and the 3rd Place Match which will take place prior to the finals.

In the event of fewer than 64 registrations, the top three finalists from the previous season will receive priority byes to the next round, in the order of placement.