The Global Pet Battle League was founded in 2012 to be the first and premier competitive World of Warcraft Pet Battle league. The design is simple: accept any applicant from any realm in the world who can access the host realm and who has enough Level 25 pets to compete. It also helps to have a love of pet battling. Every month, the GPBL holds a 64-person tournament to decide the best Pet Battler in Azeroth and award not only bragging rights but some prizes, as well.

The GPBL is operated by the GKick Network. Our site was designed by Observer eSports.

About Pet Battles

A game clearly inspired by Nintendo's Pokemon, Pet Battling was added to World of Warcraft in 2012 with the release of the MMO's 4th expansion pack, Mists of Pandaria and the core game update Patch 5.0. This update opened up Pet Battles to all WoW players, regardless of whether they owned the new expansion or not.

Pet Battles pit two players or a player and NPC against one another in Non-Combat Pet action. As a player, you have a roster of three pets that may be used at any one time during a single Pet Battle. Each Pet has six different techniques, up to three of which can be active at once. You can face off against opposing players, NPC characters or even wild pets which can be captured and added to your roster. Pets engage in combat and when they win a non-duel battle, they will earn experience which unlocks more moves and levels to a maximum of 20.

The majority of Non-Combat Pets - or "minipets" - in the game can be used for Pet Battling with a few exceptions. The roster of pets expands regularly and will be updated in the GPBL Battlepedia.