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Welcome to the GKickTV Network! You’ll find a list of all of our Network partners below, including what games they typically stream! We encourage you to check their channels out, follow them so you’ll know when they go live, and spread the word! Interested in becoming a part of the GKickTV Network? Drop us a line at pr@gkick.net for more info!

BIO: I’ve been a geek since birth. Starting with Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow back in elementary school I have evolved into an MMO gamer, Fan Fiction writer for such shows as Yu-Gi-Oh, the Walking Dead and Resident Evil, but still kept my identity as a girl who likes pretty shoes.
STREAMING: World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, League of Legends, Minecraft, SMITE, General Gaming

BIO: Hi! My name’s Ali and am the Editor-In-Chief of GKick.net. When I’m not chatting up crazy shenanigans with my fellow co-hosts on the GKick Podcast or down to business with the site, you can catch me and my Mandalorian adventures on my Twitch stream along with some other games. 
STREAMING: Star Wars: The Old Republic, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, League of Legends, General Gaming

BIO: Masters Random StarCraft 2 ~ A-Team Manager for Impulse eSports. On this channel you’ll also see Casts for SC2Clans.org, the Starcast, and random other events - Primarily Drunkcraft.
STREAMING: StarCraft II, General Gaming

STREAMING: World of Warcraft, SMITE, League of Legends, General Gaming

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  1. Damn, TNA really drpoped the ball on not letting Daniels win the title, they would have had a Champion for the UK tour but no now Hardy gets to sit around with the title he doesnt deserve anymore and I dont hate Hardy but its the truth.

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