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Join Shal, Hya, Tor and Ali as they discuss the latest from the World of Warcraft, share stories, and anything else they want to talk about on the GKick podcast. Including special guests, exclusive interviews, and other content you’ll hear ONLY on the GKick podcast. Explicit

GKick - Season 2: Episode 1 - The One With The Console Wars

new-gkick-podcastThis week on GKick, the new season begins! We kick off the new GKick with our introduction to, our coverage of E3, the hot Console Wars, our favorite games out of E3, and our first impressions on Final Fantasy XIV!

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GKick Episode 61: The One With Rob Clotworthy

new-gkick-podcastOn this episode of GKick, we’re joined by none other than Jim Raynor himself, Robert Clotworthy! We cover the Inbox news about the SimCity disaster and the cancellation of IPL6 before the interview. Then, Rob talks all about his career, his involvement with StarCraft and the upcoming Heart of the Swarm expansion, what he puts into a role, and so much more in this incredible interview!


GKick Episode 60: The One With Chris Kluwe

new-gkick-podcastOn this episode of GKick, we’re joined by Chris Kluwe as we talk about the past weeks’ worth of gaming news including BlizzCon, the PS4, Diablo III on consoles, Epic Podcast’s charity work, and more! Also, our in-depth interview with Chris where we talk about his time in WoW, his football career, his surge in popularity after his equal rights letter, his book, and his band!


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GKick Episode 59: The One With The Big Announcement

newgkickOn this episode of GKick, we have a BIG FREAKIN ANNOUNCEMENT as NFL punter and former raiding rogue Chris Kluwe will be on Episode 60 of GKick! Also, we talk about the evolving NTA now Dragon Squad, Project Blackstone, more gaming news, the latest on the state of WoW, a new Transmoginista and more!


GKick Episode 56: The One Where We Turn Buddhist

newgkickOn this episode of GKick, we talk all about StarCraft with our special guest, BuDDhA! We talk a bit about gaming and chat a lot with BuDDhA about his StarCraft 2 career and the eSports scene in general


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For more on Ali’s StarCraft 2 Terran Transmog, check out the link here.