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Newest Grand Theft Auto V Trailer is Released

Trains crashes. Car chases. An assortment of flying vehicles chasing guys or blowing stuff up. The new GTAV trailer is here!

Introducing the three protagonists of the game, Rockstar is hyping this install of the beloved series as the biggest open-world game to date, with improvements in every department.


Preview of EverQuest II Ethernere Afterlife Realms

Sony Online Entertainment has released a video preview of the new EverQuest II afterlife realm called Ethernere. Part of the 9th EQ2 expansion, Chains of Eternity, the realm is broke up into two parts: The Obol Plains and The Eidolon Jungle.

Ethernere is bleeding through into the mortal plane, and players must enter the spirit realm in order to save both mortals and immortals.


SOE Releases New PlanetSide 2 Information as Beta Nears Completion

SOE has revealed what will likely be the last few big announcements regarding PlanetSide 2 as its November 20, 2012 release date creeps closer and closer.

End of Beta:
In order to ensure a succesfull launch of the full game, the PlanetSide 2 External Beta will be ending on November 16 at 11:59 PDT. It’s coming up fast, so much sure to get some time in so you’ll be ready for the real thing once it goes green! You can still sign up here if you’d like to try to sneak in before it ends!

Name Reservations Go Live:
Users that become Alpha Squad members before the launch of the game will be able to reserve their IDs before those other guys and gals can steal them! Make sure to sign up if you have a super amazing name you absolutely need to have.

SOE & Twitch Form Partnership:
Probably the biggest of the announcements, SOE will be working with Twitch to bring it’s players 1 click broadcasting support. PlanetSide 2 will be the first game to allow users to instantly broadcast their gameplay to people around the world through the service.

Troops Deploy to Amerish:
PlanetSide 2’s third continent, called Amerish, is now playable during the beta. Resembling the Scottish highlands, outfits will need to adopt new tactics to efficiently manuever through this new terrian.

UDON and Blizzard Use Your Art in Next Book

Announced at New York Comic-Con, UDON has teamed up with Blizzard Entertainment to produce their next installment of the “Tribute” series: World of Warcraft Tribute. From now until January 15, 2013, hundreds of professional and hobby artists will have the unique opportunity to have their best WoW inspired art make up this new collection.

“UDON’s previous “Tribute” books have served as a “Who’s Who” of international comic, concept, game, and fan artists, and WORLD OF WARCRAFT TRIBUTE will continue that tradition by collecting imaginative takes on Blizzard’s game world—from anime and Western comic styles to cartoons, pixel-based art, sculptures, and more—whatever medium the artist chooses to express their unique vision of the Warcraft universe.”

Once the deadline arrives UDON and Blizzard Entertainment will select the best of the best to make up a special limited-edition hardcover book that will be available at San Diego Comic-Con 2013!

Start dreaming up some amazing art, and click the link to get it considered!



Halloween Brings Amazing Treat: Natural Selection 2

I thought all I was getting was candy that I mostly didn’t like.

Natural Selection 2, developed and published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, is now available for purchase on Steam. For some people, that phrase would be the only thing I’d need to bring their excitement levels to near maximum. For those that don’t know, I’ll breakdown why this is so amazing!

Natural Selection was a free Half-Life mod that was originally released on October 31 back in 2002. The game was a multiplayer, class based shooter, something we’re all used to by now, but at the time was a newish concept. The classes were taken a step further due to the two teams being COMPLETELY different from each other.

On one side, we have the Frontiersmen, your typical space marine troop. They have assault rifles, shotguns, armor, jet packs, all that typical human stuff. The Kharaa are the alien threat that the Frontiersmen must defeat. There are multiple species of Kharaa, some fly, others are stealthy, a few of them are armored killing machines that way several tons.

On top of all of this? There is an entire Real Time Strategy layer to the game that has to be managed. On the human side, a single player takes the role of the commander, who views the game from a RTS top down view. This player is in charge of placing down buildings for construction, relaying information between the marines, and the general over-arching strategy of the human team. The aliens are a bit different, each using their own resources for the betterment of the Hive, building towers and upgrade structures.

For the time this was really ground breaking. Matches were intense, combining stealth, team work, twitch gameplay, and RTS elements into one cool sci-fi package.

And now the sequel is upon us. Last I heard the project was in trouble financially and people were concerned about whether or not it was even going to see a release date. Well it’s here now!

It’s available on Steam for either $24.99 or $39.99 for the deluxe edition (soundtrack, exclusive marine skin, avatars, digital art book.)

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz Rolls onto Vita

Monkeys in balls rolling through time traversing platforms suspended in space. TLDR Monkeys in space!

Ok now that I got that out of the way… the newest installment of Super Monkey Ball is here for the PlayStation Vita.

There are over 100 levels spanning not only space, but time! Besides the single player puzzles just waiting to be conquered, Banana Splitz has a bunch of local multiplayer options. Fan favorites like Monkey Bowling and Monkey Target join a collection of competitive multiplayer games.

Taking advantage of the Vita’s unique features (rear touchpad, camera, accelerometer and more) players will have a BALL… while they are on roll… on public transportation???

It’s available now for $29.99

Primal Carnage Officially Launches

From Lukewarm Media and Reverb Publishing comes the launch of Primal Carnage, the Humans Vs. Dino’s multiplayer FPS that takes the class based shooter formula we know and love and turns it prehistoric.

Each team offers completely unique styles of play, and the tactics change even more dramatically depending on which class is chosen. The Scientist specializes in eliminating threats from afar with the sniper rifle, while the Pyromaniac wants to get up close to give the Dinos that warm, fuzzy feeling.

The Carnotaurus bull rushes its enemies, breaking up formations, making it easy for the swift and agile Raptors to separate and devour their prey
Primal Carnage key features include:

* Rendered in stunning beauty using the Unreal Engine, players will wage war between man and beast in five large, open and varied environments
* 10 playable classes (five Human, five Dinosaur), each with unique skills and abilities
* Play from both first-person (Human) and third-person (Dinosaur) perspectives providing a contrasting gameplay experience for both teams
* Multiple achievements and an extensive DLC roadmap

The game is available now on PC through various distribution platforms and costs $14.99 U.S.. Click here to choose the best wait to get the game for you.

Scribble in HD with Scribblenauts Unlimited

You’ve scribbled before. Probably on a notepad, or in a bathroom stall (we’ve already told your teacher. You should be ashamed…) If you were lucky enough to have a gaming device, you might’ve scribbled some amazing things while playing the Scribblenauts series!

Well rejoice! If you are even MORE lucky and find yourself with a Wii U at your disposal later this year, than you can scribble your fingers dead with Scribblenauts Unlimited!

Helping Maxwell on his quest, players use their imaginations and dream powers to summon objects and weapons into the world to defeat enemies and solve puzzles. The newest installment of the game has a side-scrolling open world, and totally new HD drawings.

Not only that, but Zelda and Mario characters and objects are lending a helping hand as well. Goomba + Like Like RomCom anyone? No? Ok…

The game comes out on November 18th! Check it out!

Harry Potter for Kinect: Cheap Alternative to Theme Park Experience

If you’re like me, then you thought that the whole Harry Potter thing is over with. Kaputskies. No more riding around on brooms, brewing potions to turn yourself into the opposite sex while you’re alone in your dormitory, and certainly no more drunken strolls through the halls of Hogwarts while wearing your invisibility cloak.

Well think again good sir. Think again.

Thanks to the magic of motion sensing technology, you can not only replicate the amazing moments of he Harry Potter books and movies, but you can actually physically transport a representation of yourself into the game rather than wasting valuable imagination fuel on your Ron Weasley fantasy dates.

An example of the face transfer technology. Yes I also pissed myself due to the sheer terror.

How is this all possible? Harry Potter for Kinect. Boom.

Featuring a greatest hits of all the most memorable Harry Potter moments, players can avoid getting beaten to death by the Whomping Willow, battle those things that look like the Ring Wraiths from Lord of the Rings, play Quidditch, and cast spells that are probably really amazing (uttering magical gibberish while doing so is optional.) The game features co-op as well as multiplayer mini-game competitions.

It’s available exclusively for the Kinect on Xbox 360 for $49.99. There is also a demo you can download and try out on the online store.

So put down that pen, stop writing all that creepy fan fiction, and get an envelope of money ready to pay off anyone that happens to see you pretending to ride a broom in front of your telly.

PlanetSide 2’s Icy Continent Revealed

The newest theater of war in PlanetSide 2 has been revealed by Sony Online Entertainment.

The Auraxian continent of Esamir is a frozen landscape with a few new gameplay twists. Shield generators will take longer to disable, and soldiers will have new certifications to give them better weapon and vehicle handling. New sidegrades will be available for each empire as well: LMGs, Carbines, Assault/Sniper Rifles.

The new continent is available in PlanetSide 2’s external beta so get signed up and check it out!