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Thoughts on ‘The Interview’ Controversy

the-interviewOn December 25th, not only was the world going to be ready to celebrate Christmas – or to continue celebrating any of a number of other holidays – but several people were also looking forward to the release of Sony Pictures’ comedy The Interview, starring James Franco and Seth Rogan, of which the plot sees a pair of hapless foils sent to interview North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and tasked with the mission of assassinating the dictator by the US government. Continue reading Thoughts on ‘The Interview’ Controversy

The Engram: A Destiny Podcast – Episode 11

promotional-engram-logoOn this episode of The Engram, Shalthis dives into the latest weekly update for more information on Iron Banner 2.0, a new voice chat feature for matchmaking, and an upcoming surprise for Expansion Pass holders!

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