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Mists of Pandaria TV Commercials On YouTube

With Mists of Pandaria only two weeks away, there’s no surprise that Blizzard is firing out their ads again this year. Of course, it’s a bit different when you’re introducing pandas in to the game. That said, if you missed the ads during their prime time on TV, you can get a sneak peak at the two new TV shorts below. It’s really nothing new if you’ve seen the rather lengthy cinematic already.


Mists of Pandaria TV Spot Airing This Sunday

The MMO giant, Blizzard Entertainment has announced that the first of a series of new TV spots taken from Mists of Pandaria’s thrilling opening cinematic will be airing on Sunday, September 9th. This TV spot will be airing during the Green Bay Packers / San Francisco 49ers NFL match-up on FOX. The kickoff is scheduled for 4:25 pm EDT or 1:25 pm PDT.

Get your DVR’s ready because we’re going to be seeing some epic panda action this weekend.

Rayman Jungle Run Coming To Android and iOS On September 20th

Ubisoft has just announced that Rayman Jungle Run, a side-scrolling game for iOS and Android will be releasing on September 20th. The publisher did not mention pricing on the game, though we can probably assume to see it between $0.99 - $4.99. The game is being developed by Ubisoft Montepllier and Pasta Games. Rayman Jungle Run will be powered by the UbiArt engine which was the same engine for last year’s successful Rayman Origins game. This new title is supposed to have feature updated graphics supported by the Retina display for Apple’s latest iPad.

That said, Rayman Jungle Run for iOS devices will also be including multiple cloud save support, and will be working with platforms like GameCenter, which will allow players to track progress on leaderboards.

Check out the games announcement trailer below, it actually looks like a pretty good game.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Launch Events Revealed

Pandas. Yes, that’s the topic surrounding World of Warcraft as of late. There are many who cheer and there are those that are disgusted. Whatever the case, a new World of Warcraft expansion obviously means it’s time to celebrate! Blizzard has just unveiled plans for several different World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria launch events taking place across the globe. If you’re itching the meet the World of Warcraft development team, you’ll be able to find many of them at launch events in the United States, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Mexico and many more countries.

At the Starcraft 2 launch event we saw some really nice Tychus cosplay. That said, I wonder if we’ll be seeing any good cosplay with any relation to the new World of Warcraft race, Pandaren. It’s very likely, but they may even bring in a live panda (that one isn’t likely)! If you’re looking to go to one of these launch events, you can find all the information you need about the game along with party details on Blizzard’s website.

Is anyone excited for the Mists of Pandaria release? Will you be going to one of these launch events?

Stolen Copies Of Resident Evil 6 Have Been Sold

Copies of Resident Evil 6 have been stolen and sold in Poland just weeks ahead of the game’s official release date, Capcom confirmed. Thankfully the amount of stolen Resident Evil 6 copies were very minimal.

“Capcom is currently undertaking a thorough investigation into reports that Resident Evil 6 is being sold ahead of its official October 2 release date,” Capcom told Eurogamer. “At this time, all we can add is that it would appear this unfortunate incident is limited to a small quantity of stolen copies of the German USK PlayStation 3 version of the game.”

These reports just came up at the end of last week, and so far just seems to revolve around one or two shops selling these stolen goods. Capcom didn’t say how many copies of the game were stolen, but they did say it was a small quantity. A buyer on eBay is trying to grab a copy of Resident Evil 6 for loads of money with the bid starting at 478.78 euros with a buyout of 1196.71 euros. The auction has been pulled as far as I could tell, but another one did go up very recently and hasn’t been pulled yet.


Torchlight 2 Launch Trailer Revealed In All Its Glory

Only hours after the release date was officially announced for Torchlight 2, we got the pleasure of seeing the Torchlight 2 launch trailer. Oh and yes, it’s much better than Diablo 3’s trailer.

The trailer showcases a few of the classes before heading off into the world and slaughtering every evil ember creature in your way. Take a look (I suggest watching it in 720p):

Pretty amazing, huh? This game is really going to be awesome. I kind of see it as the spiritual successor to Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 as the majority of the developers working on those games are working on Torchlight 2

Torchlight 2 is set to release on September 20th, only three weeks away. Good thing they kept their promise and are releasing the game one day before summer officially ends.

Primal Carnage Announced For Your Dinolicious Entertainment

Lukewarm Media and Reverb Publishing’s upcoming game, Primal Carnage, is available for now for preorder at their official website. For $14.99 you’ll get a Steam key that will grant you access to this dinolicious beta. You’ll be getting an early experience with class-based online combat (and a free feathered raptor skin!). Personally, I might grab the game and go T-Rex. I hear they are OP after a few levels of just being vicious. Then again, what really cancels the viciousness of the T-Rex out is its tiny arms. I don’t think that would go over so well as I try to strangle your pterodactyl. I mean, having tiny arms isn’t bad, but the lack of biceps is really limiting.
Here’s some cool things you can expect to see in Primal Carnage:

  • Five large, open environments in which to team up and take down the human or dinosaur competition online
  • 10 playable classes (five human, five dinosaur) each with unique skills and abilities that can trump each other in a rock-paper-scissors fashion
  • Play from both first-person (humans) and third-person (dinosaurs) perspective
  • Multiple achievements, unlockables and planned DLC

A official release date hasn’t been announced yet. It’s just available for pre-order for $14.99 currently.


Crade of Egypt 2 Announced For Nintendo DS

Rising Star Games recently announced that they will bringing their upcoming puzzler Jewel Master: Cradle of Egypt 2 to the North American market exclusively for the Nintendo DS. Players who pick up the game will be going through a journey of 100 highly addictive levels while recreating the old civilization of Ancient Egypt. Cradle of Egypt 2 will be building upon the previous games’ formula that had made it such a success and a best seller.

The game is being developed by Cerasus Media. Cradle of Egypt 2 will be coming to a store near you this fall for the Nintendo DS for only $19.99.


Torchlight 2 Release Date Announced

“I don’t think there’s much else I could say that would interest you right now, so - the official release date for Torchlight 2 is Thursday, September 20th, 2012. Three weeks away!”, Runic Games president Travis Baldree wrote on the official Runic Games Forums.

It’s finally been announced! It’s coming, at last! There’ both bad news and good news tied with this though. The bad news is that, we have to wait another three weeks for the game. The good news is that the release date is very close to the weekend, so we’ll all be able to log our 50+ hours of game time in one setting very easily!

Runic Games is at PAX Prime today, so hopefully we’ll be getting some more information on the title soon here as they are doing a couple of panels at PAX today. Among those panels is a Q&A so there’s bound to be a gold mine of information!

Battle.Net Services Banned In Iran Due to Sanctions

United States trade sanctions have led the MMO giant, Blizzard Entertainment, to cut cut off any access to World of Warcraft in the country of Iran. Later on Blizzard posted a statement to its forums after Iranian players were complaining that they could not access the game anymore. The access was lost, Blizzard said, because they had “tightened up its procedures” to comply with the trade sanctions. That isn’t all though. Blizzard had also said that this meant they could not give any refunds to players or even transfer their accounts. Due to complying with trade sanctions, this also means that all online Battle.Net services would also be shut down for Iranian players.

Here’s the full statement Blizzard released:

Our team has been watching this thread closely, and we understand the desire for more information about this situation.  Blizzard Entertainment cannot speak to any reports surrounding the Iranian government restricting games from its citizens.

What we can tell you is that United States trade restrictions and economic sanction laws prohibit Blizzard from doing business with residents of certain nations, including Iran. Several of you have seen and cited the text in the Terms of Use which relates to these government-imposed sanctions.  This week, Blizzard tightened up its procedures to ensure compliance with these laws, and players connecting from the affected nations are restricted from access to Blizzard games and services.

This also prevents us from providing any refunds, credits, transfers, or other service options to accounts in these countries. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and will happily lift these restrictions as soon as US law allows.

A lot of this I assume is due to the increasing tensions between the United States and Iran because of nuclear threats towards Israel, who is an ally of the United States. Hopefully things will get sorted out within the coming weeks.

We’ll keep you updated if we hear any further news.

source: EU Battle.Net
via: BBC News