About Us

GKick Network was inspired by a little podcast that was inspired by a little guild that just wanted a venue in which to talk to one another and let other people contribute.

In 2010, the guild <Northrend Travel Agency> on the Doomhammer-US server became inspired, in a way. Inspired to enter the field of World of Warcraft-themed podcasting and put all the little funny moments and heated debates they’d been having in guild chat or over Vent into a public place. Hence, the birth of GKick: The WoW Podcast. GKick is still young, but it’s success within the guild and in the WoW community has spawned an entire network from which more than just Warcraft stuff has erupted.

The GKick Network is home not only to the flagship titular podcast but also to other shows, websites, humor sites, and more all ranging from the worlds of gaming, sports, entertainment, news, comedy and more! And the Network is still growing, and YOU can be involved!

GKick Network is also a host for young, aspiring podcasters. Interested in getting your voice heard? If you’re looking to be a legitimate podcaster, then GKick Network is for you. We provide the hosting and the first part of the publicity, you just have to provide the show! Contact us for more information.

Got a website you’d like to involve with the GKick Network? This is the place! Let us know and we’ll hype your site or blog up on our podcast network, promote it on our sites, and help drive traffic!

As our Network grows, so can you! So be a part of it!

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