Shalthis Esports Debuts

With the recruitment of a winning 2s team in Rocket League, Shalthis Esports is now alive and actively recruiting!

Founded by Rocket League shoutcaster Steve “Shalthis” Perry, SES is one of the first esports organizations to sign a doubles team specifically. In light of the NBC Tournament, SES will appear there, in the weekly Gfinity event, and continue to win at the regular FACEIT tournaments.

Shalthis Esports is still looking to sign several teams, including League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, and a Rocket League 3s team, just to name a few.

SES is a North American esports org which means it may run into difficulty against some of the European and Asian teams in certain esports which have been dominated by those teams.

What sort of impact will Shalthis Esports have? Only time will tell.

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