New Reviews Are Inbound!

During April 2016, I suffered a series of strokes. Since then, I have been unable to walk, talk, or eat. However, I’ve also been unable to use much of the right side of my body. That includes my right arm. That means I have been unable to play many games – including my consoles – that have been released. All future reviews that I write will include a section where the game is reviewed for my injury.

Since I can’t use my right arm, I thought I’d review games for those with a similar disability. Basically, if any folks have an injury or disability that prevents them from using one arm, maybe I can help. Anyone may find the reviews helpful, since each review will take a close look at each game. They may also be beneficial to anyone with a disability of any kind, since they’ll see a lot of these reviews and games and may want to play games either as they’re trying to heal or if they just want an easier time dealing with their disability.

So, more should start appearing on the site in the coming weeks. I hope you’re all as excited as I am.

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