GKick Review: Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Marvel Avengers Alliance | Available Now
PC (Facebook) | Publisher: Playdom, Inc. | Developer: Playdom, Inc.

Normally, we don’t really talk about Facebook games on this site. At least not from a review standpoint. But, one game in particular really stood out to me and I felt it was deserving of a little limelight here on GKick.net. The game is Marvel: Avengers Alliance. The game pits you in the role of an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., the espionage and law enforcement agency fronted by Nick Fury. As an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., you’ll need to form a band of superheroes to help defeat classic foes and wage PVP conflict against other Agents and their teams.

Like all Facebook games, Avengers Alliance is free-to-play with a pay-to-win backbone. In AA, the currency is simple. You can purchase Gold which can be redeemed for various types of in-game currencies or items which will allow you to expand your roster of heroes, buy upgraded items for your Agent, or various supplies and Iso upgrades for you or your heroes’ gear.

The game starts off simple enough, by putting you into basic team-up situations with other heroes as you accomplish different quests and expend your Energy, the artificial limiter the game uses to require you to either pay more to play more or to redeem using in-game gifts. As you progress, your Agent will gain levels as will your hero team, albeit the heroes earn levels at a much slower rate. By completing quests and redeeming rewards, you’ll earn enough currency to buy more heroes and train them to new levels appropriately.

Other parts of the game include a Flight Deck option that lets you ship your heroes off on side quests for a token amount of XP and a bit of silver (the basic game currency) to help you gear up and stock up; a Research mode which unlocks new gear and supplies from the Store at a price; and the true secondary mode of AA: PvP.

The PvP mode in Avengers Alliance uses the same basic combat engine as the missions do, but pit you and your two chosen heroes up against another Agent and their team. This 3-on-3 battle is influenced by the use of items added to your PVP Armory, which can include everything from basic consumables to special PvP items designed around the bonus to offensive and defensive stats. In addition, your roster of heroes - and their levels - also gives your team bonus stats heading into your matches. Depending on your heroes’ classes - Blaster, Bruiser, Scrapper, Infiltrator, or Tactician, the number of heroes you have of each class and their levels, you’ll gain extra base stats to improve your odds even further.

For a Facebook game, Marvel: Avengers Alliance is actually quite fun and surpringly deep. An extra perk is the volume of free gifts you can send and receive from your friends who also play the game, making it very easy to make a lot of progress in any area of the game.

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