SWTOR: Now Free Till Level 15!

EA has announced today that their hit MMO series- Star Wars The Old Republic is now free to players until level 15. While there were trials to players in the past, but they were aimed towards players at level 50 who had already put a significant amount of time into the game.

This seems like they’re going towards the same sort of vein that Blizzard did with their trial accounts. It also enables players to experience all sides of the game, including PvP.

I have personally played this game, and as MMO’s go I was very impressed. I thought it had a lot of content with a fun storyline and amazing graphics. I’ve always been a big fan of Star Wars and I really looked forward to this game. I’m quite saddened by the fact that there has been such a harsh drop off in subscribers, 400,000 between the months of February and May. Which for such a well-put together game seems like such a shame.

Does this mean that Bioware could be thinking of putting SWTOR towards the land of free-to-play?

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