Sonic and Chun Li…oh my!

Are you a gamer who likes cute plushies? Are you a big tough man who has a secret addiction to adorable things? Or are you a girly girl who is a closet gamer?

Any of the above will qualify, I’m not picky. Want to know what I’m chewing the cud over? Hello Kitty. Yep, I said the two dirtiest words in the land of gaming. The one insult a fellow gamer can throw at you when you tell them you can’t hack Call of Duty or World of Warcraft.

‘Oh then maybe Hello Kitty Island Adventure would be more to your liking?’ 

Anyway, anyway. Plushies. First off is Hello Kitty dressed up as Sonic, no no I’m really not kidding. Prepare for your ice cold heart to be melted by one of the cutest things you will see today:

As part of both the 20th Anniversary celebration of Sonic the Hedgehog and the re-opening of Tokyo’s Joyopolis theme park, the jumbo-sized plushie will be offered at Japan’s Sega theme parks this year from the end of July. This is the first in a series of plushies from Sanrio as they have teamed up with Sega to create a series of cute cuddly little toys. But fear not non-Japanese residents! The cuteness that is this Hello Kitty Sonic will be available in both the US and Europe from Summer 2013. Yes, I moaned at that thought too but I guess unless you have a Japanese friend or very deep pockets to purchase one from eBay- you’ll be waiting a year like the rest of us. But this could mean good news. As there is a series planned, who’s to say that we won’t see the rest of the Sanrio gang dressed up as Sonic characters? Badtz-Maru as Knuckles? Chococat as Tails? Who knows?

Next up we have the Chun-Li Hello Kitty plushie. Yep, our favourite cute British cat is at it again with her master of disguise abilities. Only this time she goes from being a cute cat dressed up as a cute blue hedgehog to being a lean mean fighting machine. Now, I personally couldn’t imagine Hello Kitty hurting anything more than a fly but as a limited edition (1000 pieces only!) San Diego Comic Con exclusive, here she is as Chun-Li from Street Fighter. She’s dressed in the outfit from Street Fighter Alpha. I imagine that they decided to team up with Capcom as a celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Street Fighter. But! I want one so bad, but being such a limited edition run and only available half way across the world from me means that my chances are slim to none. Here’s a picture of the cutest Street Fighter ever though, I love her expression on her face- she looks so bad ass! 😀

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