Primal Carnage Shows Off First Character Trailer

Lukewarm Media has revealed the first of its characters trailers for the upcoming game Primal Carnage.

The game throws history out the window and pits teams of gun toting humans against savage dinosaurs in this who will win multiplayer epic.

Of the 10 total classes the game will feature, the first two to be featured are the Pyromaniac and the Carnotaurus.

Using a custom made Flamesaw (if a flamethrower and a chainsaw went on a succession of dates and eventually married and produced a child. That’s what I’m told it’s like) the Pyromaniac specializes in mid-range and close-range combat, able to control space, especially in tight spaces. If things get too far out of his reach, he can always toss out a few grenades  to let the dinos know he’s still there.

For the reptilian side, the Carnotaurus uses his incredible speed and armor to break up formations and cause panic. Using its charge ability, the Carnotaurus can quickly close the gap between it and those pesky humans, impaling and crushing anything in its path. It’ll have to be careful though. Its flanks are vulnerable, and smart humans will dodge its charge and riddle its side with bullets if they get the chance.

Set to release later this year, check out Primal Carnage for more updates, and keep your eye out for beta sign-ups in the near future!

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