GKick Review: Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad

Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad | Available Now
XBLA, PSN | Publisher: Reverb and D3 Publishing | Developer: 2XL Games

This is probably showing my age a little, but back in Ye Olden Days of Gaming, I played the Jeremy McGrath Supercross games. Thankfully, this title doesn’t bear much resemblance to those games at all. The dirt bikes and motorcross bikes that McGrath is known for have been replaced with four-wheel trucks, rally cars, pro buggies and pro lite trucks.

Upon loading the menu, the first thing I noticed was that unlike the previous titles, McGrath is everywhere. He is on every menu screen offering advice and in game he is your turn-by-turn map. The downside to this is that having him offering up tips constantly in the menus and on the track, as well as announcing “S curve ahead” or “sharp right turn” every three seconds gets old. And it gets old quick, especially with no option to turn it off.

I jumped right in to single player mode and in playing through the first track, one thing became glaringly obvious. The game is easy, probably too easy if you’ve had any experience with racing games. I used the first track to get used the controls, figure out powersliding and double clutching, and seeing if shortcuts were an option (they aren’t). After that it was first place finishes with very little effort, even on the harder difficulty. While the game was still fun on the initial playthrough, it didn’t offer up any real challenge. It would be a great game for younger racers or for some quick tracks with friends, but it doesn’t have much for real fans of racing games.

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