Featured App: Sentinel 3: Homeworld

Available On: Android, iOS

Versions: Paid - $2.99

If your into Tower Defense games, Sentinel 3: Homeworld by Origin8 Technologies is something you just can’t pass up. If you like Sci-Fi this is also something you shouldn’t pass up. Between blowing up mutant aliens with futuristic weapons and lasers and traveling to space to the SENTINEL ship, this really is something you should take a look at. The game is graphically beautiful and even better with their free HD Data Pack downloadable from inside the game’s menu screen, so no need to worry about choppy graphics!

In Sentinel 3, your role in the game is a Commander invading alien Homeworlds and defending your base of operations. A lot of the time your base of operations includes a type of energy device which seems to power your special abilities. One of those special abilities that I really like is a missile barrage fired from the SENTINEL from space. The best thing about it? Unlike other games, these missiles find targets and don’t just land on the ground randomly.

After defeating the waves of mutants and different aliens you return to your SENTINEL back up in space and are able to purchase new towers and special abilities along with upgrades and stat increases for the Commander. The UI in the SENTINEL is very well done and hardly feels cluttered and in the way. On the ship there is also a way to purchase all weaponry, towers and etc, I would suggest not doing this as it is fun to be able to unlock them and actually progress through the game instead of paying to get everything on level 1.

You should also know that the UI during gameplay is very good too. They’ve designed it in a way that it won’t interfere with building new towers as it should be, other developers don’t seem to get this though.

The only thing I can see that would make this game boring is if you played all day everyday. Progressing through 50 waves can get difficult, but with your towers and upgrades it can get really easy leaving little to no action. This might be better if you chose a harder difficulty than medium as I did.

Overall the games great except for that last bit and sure there’s a lot to improve on, but the quality on this game is stunning. I can’t wait to see more from the developer.

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